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Jan 06, 2011 - iArtist deeje is very pleased to announce the 1.0 release of for iOS, which now includes looping and instrument stepping capabilities. Striking the right blend of interactivity and entertainment, you can start a loop by swiping your fingers across the screen, then prop the device up to go into fullscreen mode. Then sit back to enjoy the visual delights as steps thru the instruments randomly, and lean forward to change the loop in real time. for iOS is visual scratching for music and relaxation

Dec 23, 2010 - Aspiring iArtist deeje is thrilled to introduce for iOS, visual scratching for music and relaxation. The app enables the user to create unique dynamic visuals using any of 100s of available visual "instruments." Each instrument responds differently to the user's touches and traces across the device screen, producing colorful bursts of particles and light. Enjoy it in silence or tap along with your favorite songs.

iSparkler 1.0 for iPhone 4 - Interactive Virtual Sparkler Creation Tool

Sep 03, 2010 - San Francisco based iPhone artist deeje today introduces iSparkler 1.0, his interactive virtual sparkler creation tool for iPhone 4. The app enables the user to create, name, and save thousands of unique digital sparklers which respond to movement of the iPhone. Stop motion photos, capturing the multi-colored particles and designs emitted by the streaking virtual sparkler, can be saved and shared. Sparklers vary infinitely with random values assigned to particle color, shape, and behavior.