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Interact Scrachpad brings Quick, Easy Contact Creation to the Mac

Mar 22, 2017 - Texas based Agile Tortoise today announces Interact Scratchpad 1.0 for Mac. This menubar app brings the popular natural language contact creation tools of Interact for iOS to the Mac. Type or paste in blocks of text with contact information and let Interact parse names, addresses, phone numbers into a complete contact record in your default Contacts account. Create new contacts, or add information to existing contacts quicker than ever.

Top iOS Reference App Terminology Goes Free with Huge Update

Jan 12, 2017 - Texas based Agile Tortoise today announces Terminology 4.0.1, an all-new version of its popular iPhone and iPad reference app. Designed specifically to make it easy to explore words and phrases, Terminology is part dictionary, part thesaurus and part reference tool. Version 4.0.1 brings a completely new interface and support for modern iPhone and iPad features, as well as a new freemium model to this already powerful extensible research tool.

iOS App Drafts Showcases New iOS 10 Features, Drops Price

Sep 13, 2016 - Agile Tortoise today announces the release of Drafts 4.7.0. Drafts is a quick capture note taking app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch focused on making it easy to quickly jot down notes and ideas, and send them almost anywhere with powerful, customizable actions. The latest update showcases great new capabilities of Apple's latest iOS 10 and watchOS releases with support for extended, multi-lingual dictation and a iMessages extension to insert snippets captured in Drafts into Messages.

Top Productivity App Drafts is the Topic of New Screencast Series

Apr 26, 2016 - Agile Tortoise today announces a new series of screencasts to help users get more out of their app Drafts. Drafts is a quick capture note taking focused on making it easy to quickly jot down notes and ideas, and send them almost anywhere with powerful, customizable actions. Hosted by David Sparks (aka MacSparky of the Mac Power Users podcast), this screencasts series aims to help Drafts users unlock the power of the app to be more productive on their iPhone, iPads - and even Apple Watch.

Interact for iOS helps you take control of contacts, communicate faster

Jan 14, 2016 - Agile Tortoise today introduces Interact 1.0, their new contact and communication app for iOS devices. Get more done in less time! With just a couple taps, Interact enables you to create and update contacts by simply selecting text, then communicate and share files with entire groups. With features like group management, one-tap contact creation, and more you won't find in the built-in iOS Contacts app, while benefitting from direct integration with iOS Contacts accounts.

Top productivity app Drafts ready for iOS 9, coming soon for watchOS 2.0

Sep 17, 2015 - Texas-based Agile Tortoise today announces Drafts 4.5.1, a top productivity app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch designed to be where you start anything involving text. Quickly capture notes and perform powerful, customizable actions to send text almost anywhere - now even more powerful with support for the latest features in iOS 9. Consistently ranked among the top productivity apps in the App Store, Drafts will be ready for watchOS 2.0 when it ships with an all-new native Watch app.

Agile Tortoise releases Apple Watch support for Drafts and Tally

Apr 15, 2015 - Agile Tortoise is excited to announce the release of Apple Watch support for two of its popular apps, Drafts and Tally. Drafts is a quick capture note taking app which extends capture to the watch with dictation, along with the ability to browse and and manage inbox drafts. Commonly used for game scoring, attendance and nutritional/habit tracking, Tally is a quick counting app and extends the ability to increment, decrement and view counters to the Apple Watch.

Agile Tortoise releases Tally 2.0, a quick counting app for iOS

Feb 17, 2015 - Agile Tortoise today announces Tally 2.0, an update to its quick, eyes-free counting app for iPhone and iPad. Tally is great for attendance, scoring games, anything that needs a simple tally count. Just launch the app and tap anywhere to increment the counter, no need to look at the iPhone to find the right button. This all-new version enhances the popular iPhone utility with iPad support, the ability to easily increment multiple counters, and a Today widget to update counts from anywhere.

Agile Tortoise celebrates release of Drafts 4.1 with 20% off sale

Feb 09, 2015 - Agile Tortoise announces the immediate availability of Drafts 4.1. Drafts is a quick capture note taking app for iPhone and iPad. The 4.1 update adds multi-draft selection tools, and builds on other new features added since the 4.0 release. Drafts has continued to improve-adding support for creating native Google Docs files, customizable printing actions and the ability to create and append to files in iCloud Drive and more. Drafts is 20% off for a limited time to celebrate the update.