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Orchid App Update Announced by NerdsGeeksGurus, LLC

Oct 29, 2012 - NerdsGeeksGurus, LLC released Orchid Notebook 1.5.0, an update to their Orchid app for the iPhone and iPad mobile devices. Orchid Notebook allows orchid hobbyists and growers to track their orchid collections and wish lists. The app also offers a reference section aimed at new orchid enthusiasts. Released in September, Orchid Notebook enhances the database portion of the app by providing an additional field to track orchid collections and allows collections to be viewed by genus.

Tooter Released for iPhone - What's All The Stink About?

Jun 02, 2011 - That Really Cool App Company, LLC today introduces Tooter 1.0, their next generation in fart app for iOS devices. Certain to cause a stink, Tooter allows users to create messages from groups of preset words and phrases that describe toots. Featuring over 30,000 combinations of toots, users can choose a message to toot or let Tooter cut one with a simple shake. Some things are meant to be shared, so the app also allows users to post messages to Facebook and Twitter.

Come Sailing App Docks at the iPhone App Store

Feb 18, 2011 - Come Sailing 1.0 by NerdsGeeksGurus, LLC, an app designed for sailboat owners and bareboat charterers, is now docked at the iPhone App Store. The Come Sailing app is a sailor's assistant providing nautical information, checklists, hull speed calculator, and log book in an fun, easy to use format. It includes tasks needed to be completed before setting sail, such as arranging a charter boat, securing transportation, provisioning, and ensuring that emergency contact information is current.

Orchid Notebook - iPhone app from NerdsGeeksGurus

Jan 27, 2011 - NerdsGeeksGurus, LLC has released Orchid Notebook 1.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. With this app, orchid hobbyists and growers are able to track their orchid collections and wish lists. The app also offers a basic reference section aimed toward new orchid enthusiasts, and includes descriptions, care, and propagation of orchids. Orchid Notebook will be developed more fully through periodic upgrades based on the needs of the developers and customer requests.

NerdsGeeksGurus Releases Teen Driving Log 1.0.1 for the iPhone

Sep 16, 2010 - NerdsGeeksGurus has announced Teen Driving Log 1.0.1 for iOS. Teen Driving Log is an efficient and effective method for teen drivers to keep track of their required driving time in order for them to be eligible to obtain their driver's license. While driving with a restricted license or learner's permit, teens around the world have to log their driving hours in order to take their driver's test. The user can select driving conditions, skills used, passenger information, and eligibility date.