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Super Streaker has been Banned from the App Store

Apr 18, 2011 - After a total of 1,167,007 downloads on the App Store, Super Streaker was finally banned by Apple who re-considered the game was not fitting his moral stating gratuitous violence against soccer players, too realistic. Let's remember that Super Streaker is a bloody but quite cheesy 3D FPS in which you have to run naked in the grass to kill all the soccer players and burn the ads in a record time. You'll get new weapons such as the mine-burger, the oil barrel or the Kim Jong-Il A Bomb.

French Developer Nemoid Studio Releases Its New Iphone Game Dino Rush

Dec 01, 2010 - Nemoid Studio has officially released its new iPhone game Dino Rush, an innovative endless running platform game. In Dino Rush, players take on the role of Dundy, a small dinosaur who needs to make his way through tropical wilderness without starving because it so happens that he's always hungry. Skills and determination will be needed to avoid perilous obstacles such as melting lava or quicksand, and jump over dangerous predators whilst eating fruit to get Dundy as far as possible in the game!

Tunes Attack! 1.5 - Gets New iPod Library Access for iOS 4

Aug 25, 2010 - Nemoid Studio today announces Tunes Attack! 1.5, a major update to their rhythm game for iOS. Tunes Attack! features 3 different musical games in one, including the classical guitar tap game, a scooter race and a space shooter, all dynamically generated by the player's music. With the recent release of Apple iOS 4 it is now possible to play directly with the music from the iPod Library. Apps can now import songs from the iPod Library and opened the way to DJ apps and rhythm games.