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Filter Innovates Fan Engagement With New iPhone App With myRMX

Sep 28, 2010 - Mobile software developer MIT Technology Group, Corp. announces Filter myRMX, a new app from Alternative Rock Group for use in myRMX, its mobile music remixing software. The band will debut two songs from their hit album The Trouble With Angels. Filter will release their two new hits, "Drug Boy" and "The Inevitable Relapse" with myRMX and allow their fans to enter into the myRMX realm of social sharing, user-generated content, remixing, and personalization all through their iPhone.

myRMX Unleashes the Shinobi Ninja myRMX App for iPhone/iPod touch

Sep 24, 2010 - Shinobi Ninja brings their unique blend of rock, rap and reggae to the myRMX platform. Their fans can easily remix and share those remixes with the world, with the release of ShiNin:myRMX. Well known for their high energy shows and the house party vibe to their unique blend of reggae, rock and rap, their fans can now remix two of their songs using myRMX. Shinobi Ninja joins the diverse group of artists utilizing myRMX to engage their fans by letting them "play" with their music.

myRMX Let's You Mix It Up With Mix Master Mike

Sep 21, 2010 - World Renowned DJ and Scratch Master, Mix Master Mike has released a myRMX for iPhone and iPod touch. Combining his music with the fun and social engagement of myRMX makes for a natural combination to release anyone's inner DJ. Known worldwide as a preeminent DJ and renowned turntablist, Mix Master Mike myRMX has two tracks to remix available in his myRMX App. Mix Master Mike uses samples from the original recording session by the artist to remix portions of that song.

Selena Gomez and the Scene's myRMX App for iPhone and iPod touch

Sep 07, 2010 - California based myRMX and Hollywood Records today released a myRMX App for Selena Gomez and The Scene for the iPhone and iPod touch. Ms. Gomez, Disney star and teen celebrity, is putting her fans first by giving them the opportunity to re-imagine her music with myRMX and share their creations with friends and the social web. myRMX is a unique iPhone/iPod touch experience that allows users to remix their favorite artists' songs with a fun, intuitive interface.