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Dust.Bit.Games presents Cubyrinth - Cubes and Mazes Evolved

Dec 07, 2011 - Dust.Bit.Games releases their new puzzle game, Cubyrinth. The combination of cubes and mazes creates a 3 dimensional, yet easy to access, turn-based puzzle game which requires the player to think about each turn carefully to be able to find the best solution for each level. A Cubyrinth is a cubic maze build out of smaller cubes. The goal of the player is it to guide his prototype to different targets within the Cubyrinth. To do so, the player has to build ways through rotating rows of cubes.

aYa-Manku 1 And 1 For Free: First Mayor Content Update - On Sale Now

Oct 27, 2010 - Dust.Bit.Games has released aYa-Manku 1.1.0, their first major content update, "1 and 1 For Free", for their pachniko-style physic puzzle game. aYa-Manku replaces luck with skill and tactics, is designed as a challenging experience for people who enjoy throwing balls on other objects to progress through the level and achieve the highest score. The update makes the game more accessible to casual players, adds native resolution support across all iOS devices, Player vs. Player challenges and more.