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Aimsir - an Irish language weather app for the iPhone by Moonswing

Dec 03, 2013 - Irish software development company, Moonswing today introduces Aimsir 1.0, its new application for iOS devices that presents detailed and accurate weather forecasts in the Irish language. Not only does it let you know what the weather's going to be like where you are, it also teaches you lots of Irish words and phrases. For all the Irish bars and restaurants dotted around the world it's the easier way to get a local forecast in the Irish language.

Give Your Brain a Workout with Simon Plays Roshambo for iOS

Sep 20, 2013 - Irish software development company Moonswing today introduces Simon Plays Roshambo 1.0, their new, free game for iOS devices. Taking the rules of the game Rock, Paper, Scissors as its basis, Moonswing have produced a fresh, original game that tests a player's mental agility and ability to think under pressure to the very limits. With the length of the pattern increasing, or the time to respond getting shorter, players will find it harder and harder to keep track.

Moonswing's BOGOF Price Comparison for iPhone is free this weekend

Dec 09, 2011 - Irish App development company Moonswing is making its "BOGOF Price Comparison" iPhone app available for free for a very limited time. BOGOF can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store on the 9th, 10th and 11th of December 2011. A #1 Finance App in Ireland, BOGOF makes it very simple to compare all of the "special offers" that retailers use to tempt shoppers. BOGOF cuts through all of the complex calculations, ensuring the shopper always gets the best deal.

BOGOF Price Comparison for iOS - get the best deal every time

Oct 20, 2011 - Moonswing today announces the release of BOGOF Price Comparison for iOS devices. BOGOF is an acronym meaning "Buy One, Get One Free" - one of the many sales promotions used by retailers to tempt shoppers. BOGOF Price Comparison can calculate the relative value of different products, regardless of the promotional techniques being used to sell them. With its simple interface and attractive design it's the easy way for the price conscious shopper to start saving money.

Whale of a tale inspires Time Everything - Moonswing's free iPhone app

Jul 12, 2011 - Moonswing Ltd today introduces Time Everything 1.0.1, its new multiple event timer for iOD devices. Time Everything allows you define a task and then time exactly how long you spend doing it. It allows you create as many tasks as you like and take as many timings as you require for each task. Time Everything lets you filter and sort your data, and can also export your timings via iTunes to an spreadsheet program. If it can be timed then Time Everything can record and track it for you.

Day at the Races, Moonswing's Racecard app for iPhone keeps you on track

Jul 05, 2011 - Moonswing is pleased to announce the release of Racecard 1.0 a betting calculator for iOS. Whether you're enjoying a day at the races or having a few bets at home, Racecard allows you record all of your bets, keep track of the total amount you have staked and calculate your winnings. Racecard comes into its own if you wish to place more than one bet on a particular race as it allows you enter all of your bets in one go and will calculate your returns for the event.

Moonswing's Bet Settler and Wedding Speechstake Apps - Free This Weekend

Dec 01, 2010 - Irish App development company Moonswing is making its Apps for the iPhone and iPod touch available for free for a very limited time. Bet Settler and Wedding Speechstake can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store on the 4th and 5th of December, 2010. Wedding Speechstake brings the popular tradition of timing the speeches at a wedding to the iPhone. Bet Settler is a betting calculator that features an expanded range of bets.

That Winning Feeling - Moonswing release Bet Settler 1.4 for iPhone

Sep 29, 2010 - Irish App development company Moonswing today released Bet Settler 1.4 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This latest version of the popular betting calculator features an expanded range of bets, many of which are not found on any similar type of calculator in the App Store. With this latest release, Bet Settler, which has already reached Number 15 in the Paid Sports App category in the UK, as well as number 2 in Ireland, is now more powerful than ever before.