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SpeakerCue Confidence Monitoring for the Professional Speaking Community

Jun 12, 2018 - CampSoftware releases SpeakerCue, a confidence monitor for professional producers and presenters. Featuring a customizable clock with a variety of color and display options, SpeakerCue is designed for those on both sides of the podium, including the person who is speaking, an assistant during a live presentation, or a producer of speaking engagements. CampSoftware's SpeakerCue is an invaluable, discrete, communication tool to display pertinent information such as time and messages in real time.

The Reference Tool for FileMaker You Always Needed

Feb 10, 2015 - CampSoftware is excited to announce the iOS release of "Reference for FileMaker." This easy-to-use App allows FileMaker developers to look up those FileMaker things you need but you can't seem to remember. "Reference for FileMaker" includes: FM Script Steps, FM Functions, FM Error Codes, ASCII Codes, HTML Symbols, Named Colors and HTTP Status Codes. No more searching through message boards and help forums, all this information is now available in all in one place, just a finger touch away.

Artists Have a New, Flexible and Affordable Way to License Art

Oct 11, 2011 - CampSoftware just released version 2 of the Art Licensing Manager Software. This software has been designed specifically for artists in the art licensing industry to help them track all aspects of their business. The Art Licensing Manager Software connects Art, Collections, Contacts, Licensees, Licenses, and Contracts data so information can be found quickly. The Art Licensing Manager 2.0 was rewritten from the ground up to make data entry simple and accessible from several perspectives.

One Easy Way to Develop FileMaker Databases Faster with Less Bugs

Oct 11, 2011 - CampSoftware today announces FMClips to assist FileMaker developers rapidly copy and paste reusable script steps, layout objects, fields, and more into FileMaker databases. FMClips is a unlocked FileMaker database that uses the free Clipboard Explorer plugin from Dracoventions. These clips serve to save any busy FileMaker developer countless hours finding text in their FileMaker database scripts, tables and fields.

CampSoftware Releases GoLaunch - Create FileMaker Go Launch Buttons

Apr 26, 2011 - CampSoftware today announced GoLaunch, a new solution that makes creating FileMaker Go database launch buttons on the iPhone & iPad Home Screen. GoLaunch makes opening FileMaker Go databases faster by creating iPhone & iPad database links that work like App buttons by reducing taps to a single tap. GoLaunch works by sending the information GoLaunch needs to connect you to your FileMaker Go database immediately. You can create web pages in seconds that can be saved as App icons.

CampSoftware releases QuickCode AutoUpdate 1.0.1 for FileMaker Pro

Nov 18, 2009 - Orlando-based CampSoftware today released QuickCode AutoUpdate 1.0.1, the first in a series of QuickCode products to be released for FileMaker Pro. QuickCode AutoUpdate makes it simple to automatically install FileMaker Extensions from your FileMaker Server rather than having to install the Extensions manually at each workstation. In four easy steps, a FileMaker Developer can add automatic installation of the FileMaker Extension that are required to be used in any FileMaker solution.

FMSmallBusiness 1.4.1 - FileMaker CRM released with new features

Jul 27, 2009 - CampSoftware today released FMSmallBusiness 1.4.1 which includes thirty one updates. The majority of the updates were items requested by users including the 'Copy to Clipboard' items and 'Common Documents' features making referring to text and documents simple. Videos and Screenshots are available including screenshots of the updated iPhone interface. FMSmallBusiness is a FileMaker based database great for managing the contacts, calendars, invoice, and more for small businesses.

FMSmallBusiness 1.3.1 adds FileMaker 10's iPhone Web Interface

May 04, 2009 - CampSoftware today released FMSmallBusiness (FMSB) 1.3.1. FMSmallBusiness is a FileMaker based database great for managing the contacts, calendars, invoice, and more for small businesses. Version 1.3.1 includes twenty five updates. The most exciting update is the use of the FileMaker 10 Server PHP Site Assistant which generates iPhone interfaces for FileMaker databases, like FMSmallBusiness. Videos and Screenshots of FMSB are available including screenshots of the updated iPhone interface.

Faster FileMaker Coding with FMSnippets for TextExpander

Feb 04, 2009 - CampSoftware today released FMSnippets to help FileMaker developers code faster and click less. Based on TextExpander for Mac OS X, FMSnippets for TextExpander contains over 250 abbreviations for FileMaker 9 and FileMaker 10. The set of snippets includes practically all functions used in the FileMaker calculation engine helping developers get more done in less time.