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Animate Together: MotionPhone App is a new Form of Visual Communication

Jan 27, 2012 - California based Scott Snibbe Studio today introduces MotionPhone HD 1.1, its new entertainment app for iPad devices. MotionPhone enables a unique form of visual communication, allowing people to create animations together over the Internet. The app, created by Scott Snibbe Studio, is the company's first release since producing Bjork's groundbreaking Biophilia App Album last year, and is a similarly innovative combination of interactive visuals with music.

OscilloScoop Turns Music into a Game for the iPad and iPhone

May 03, 2011 - Independent developers Scott Snibbe and Lukas Girling announce the release of a new app for iPhone and iPad that turns music into a form of interactive game. The app, playfully called OscilloScoop, presents a trio of brightly colored stacked spinning crowns. Touching a crown trims or builds up its edge, like a spinning disk of clay. To a trained musician, OscilloScoop can be broken down into understandable musical elements. The top ring controls the melody, or choice of notes.

Bubble Harp: iPad Generative Music App is Now in the New Mac App Store

Feb 02, 2011 - Independent developer Scott Snibbe today announces Bubble Harp 1.0, his award-winning visual music iOS app is now available in the Mac App Store. With Bubble Harp, it's possible to create music just by moving your mouse or fingers. And the music isn't merely a loop. Because it's algorithmically generated, the song shifts subtly each time it repeats, like a jazz musician might riff on a scale or theme.

Gravilux: An iPad App Moves to the Desktop via the New Mac App Store

Jan 06, 2011 - Independent developer Scott Snibbe today released Gravilux for Mac OS X, one of the first apps available in Apple's new Mac App Store. Gravilux is a mesmerizing mixture of art, animation, and drawing that simulates a universe of stars drawn into one's fingertips. The new version for Mac takes advantage of the extremely fast CPU and graphics processors of desktop and laptop computers to simulate millions of stars at once at sixty frames per second.

Antograph 1.1 - Draw With Ants on the iPad and iPhone

Oct 07, 2010 - Scott Snibbe today released Antograph 1.1, an upgrade to his popular program for iOS. Antograph streams realistic animated ants from fingertips onto the screen of an iPad or iPhone. Uncategorizable, the program is a mesmerizing combination of drawing, animation, simulation, and gaming. Version 1.1 features new options to change the size of ants, takes advantage of the retina display, as well as the latest features of iOS. Users can also post their drawings to Facebook and share via email.