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Phonological Awareness App Evaluates Children with Reading Difficulties

Jan 30, 2012 - Smarty Ears Releases Phonological Awareness App to Evaluate Children with Speech, Language, and Reading Difficulties. In recent years, clinicians and educators are beginning to recognize that fostering phonological awareness skills in children helps them to learn more effectively once they become aware of the sounds within their language. Profile for Phonological Awareness, Pro-PA, was created to evaluate and describe the phonological awareness skills in children with speech.

iPad app Company, was the main attraction at the Asha Convention 2011

Nov 26, 2011 - Smarty Ears announces it was clear from these three days at the Speech-Language-Hearing Convention 2011 in San Diego, that Smarty Ears is the most liked, respected, and recognized company in terms of apps for speech therapists. "It felt great to have people come by our booth and want to shake my hand just to say, 'thank you for making my life easier,'" said Fernandes. Smarty Ears released two brand new apps during the American Speech and Hearing Convention: Custom Boards & Dysphagia2Go.

New iPad App Provides Visual Support for Children with Special Needs

Oct 14, 2011 - Smarty Ears is announcing the release of Custom Boards 1.0. Custom Boards is the first app of its kind and it is set to also bring about a revolution for special education. It was designed to serve as a board and activity creation center for speech therapists, special education teachers, and parents of children who need symbols for learning and communicating. Custom Boards serves as a visual support system that enables parents and professionals alike to create and print meaningful activities.

Innovative Job Search app uses Google Maps and iPad to Locate SLP jobs

Oct 11, 2011 - SLP Spots 1.0 is a free iPad app that allows companies to post job openings for a fraction of what they currently spend on traditional media advertising. It gives speech and language pathologists the opportunity to browse the job openings and post their resumes. The map feature allows speech pathologists to view the location of the available positions on the Google Map directly on their iPad; this map even allows speech therapists to actually see how far each opening is from their own home.