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Oren Meiri Releases eWhiteboard - Electronic Whiteboard App for iPhone

Mar 17, 2011 - Independent software engineer Oren Meiri today announces eWhiteboard 1.1 for iPhone. eWhiteboard turns any Mac/MS Windows PC with a projector into an Electronic Whiteboard. With the aid of a special marker, or LED keychain flashlight, the user controls the Mac/PC while standing in front of the projected desktop image. Using customized image processing technology, the app detects the LED light, and transmits the new location to the computer. The computer moves the mouse cursor accordingly.

Oren Meiri Releases Gyroscope Powered Air-Draw App For iPhone 4

Oct 25, 2010 - Indie software engineer Oren Meiri today unveils air-Draw 1.1, his latest drawing app for iPhone 4. Powered by the built-in gyroscope of the iPhone 4, air-Draw monitors motion of the device and converts it to strokes in the drawing. The user moves the iPhone as if it is a laser-pen, drawing on an imaginary large canvas suspended in the air. By translating movement to shape, air-Draw enables a new form of creative expression. Users can save to Photos, email friends, share on Facebook, or tweet.