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Marco Friend Locator 1.1.1 for iOS/Meeting by Smartphone Just Got Easier

Nov 30, 2010 - Uncommon Projects updates Marco Friend Locator with numerous user-requested features. Marco is the free SMS powered app that allows friends to use their smartphones to find each other fast and privately. Marco Friend Locator 1.1.1 has added a recent contacts list, backwards compatibility with iOS 4.0, "zoom-to-here" and a "ping" feature. Marco now automatically includes the neighborhood directly in the body of the SMS a user sends.

Marco Friend Locator 1.0 for iOS/Find and Meet Any Friend via Smartphone

Oct 22, 2010 - Uncommon Projects today introduces Marco Friend Locator 1.0 for iOS, the free SMS powered app that shows the user's location on a map, along with that of any friend with a smartphone, so they can find each other easily. On launch the app displays the user's position on a street level Google Map, and they may then ask their friend's location using SMS. Connected via the Marco website, the recipient can automatically respond. Now linked, the user can see both their locations instantaneously.