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Code Pilot Goes Open Source and Gets Xcode 5 support

Jan 16, 2014 - Macoscope today announces an open source release of Code Pilot, an Xcode plugin that allows efficient and smart navigation through source code. Code Pilot speeds up the development process, making switching between files and navigating through code symbols a breeze. This release also includes support for latest version of the Xcode 5 IDE. Macoscope wants to give back to the community by releasing the source code and allowing every developer to participate in shaping its future.

Touch and feel your Evernote notes with Bubble Browser for iPad

Aug 07, 2013 - Warsaw based Macoscope today introduces Bubble Browser for iPad, its new visualization app for your Evernote notebook. Similar to its Mac version, Bubble Browser was created for exploring information stored inside Evernote accounts. It is a beautiful visual search tool for your Evernote account. Its sleek and intuitive user experience will encourage you to play with your Evernote data and discover content and connections that you might not find otherwise.

Bubble Browser 2.0 premieres for OS X - Dedicated Browser for Evernote

Mar 21, 2013 - Macoscope today announces Bubble Browser 2.0, an update to their popular Evernote dedicated notes browser application. Bubble Browser reuses well-known web browser conventions and allows to explore and visualize the structure of the users entire Evernote data. By providing a friendly, graphic desktop for Evernote notes, tags, notebooks and dates are presented as colorful and differently sized bubbles to expose most important piece of information in every given context.

Focusbar 1.3 now with support

May 28, 2012 - Focusbar is now updated with support. It knows what you are working on and we've armed it with very simple feature "Send to". When chosen, Focusbar prepares a ready-to-send email with all the activities you've accomplished during the day - with one click it will submit the data to your account What is worth mentioning, Focusbar remains free. Just press start activity, type your task and press enter. Focusbar will show up on your screen from time to time.

A little bit of Mountain Lion on your Mac with HUDTube 1.4.1 update

May 17, 2012 - Macoscope today announces HUDTube 1.4.1 update for OS X. Extraordinarily simple to use, HUDTube has all the stuff you need to enjoy browser-free videos. HUDTube takes all you want watch - movies, trailers, tutorials, keynotes, music videos, funny cats - to your widescreen TV. The most important feature is support for streaming local files. Now you can send your .mov and .mp4 movies to Apple TV without having to add them to iTunes.

Invoicing for Humans, and their Macs

Feb 29, 2012 - Warsaw based developer, Macoscope announces availability of Invoices 1.5.1 - Invoicing for humans. This Mac app is created to make invoicing workflow easy and quick. It includes elegant document template, clients and products databases and is EU VAT regulations and sales tax compliant*. We have spent significant amounts of time, making sure that you will spend definitely less time issuing documents for your customers.

HUDTube updated with AirPlay and more

Jan 23, 2012 - Warsaw based developer, Macoscope today announces HUDTube 1.4, an update to their popular video playback utility for Mac OS X. Extraordinarily simple to use, HUDTube has all the stuff you need to enjoy browser-free videos. If it plays on your Mac with HUDTube, it also plays on your Apple TV. HUDTube also takes all you want to hear or see, including music videos, trailers, tutorials, keynotes, funny cats, right to your widescreen TV. Version 1.4 supports AirPlay technology and Browser extensions.

Add a pinch of magic to your Instagram experience with Slidelight

Jul 28, 2011 - Macoscope today introduces Slidelight 1.0, their new Instagram supported photography app developed exclusively for the iPad. Discover what's best on Instagram. In Slidelight, users will find a huge amount of gorgeous pics, packed in thematic albums - bikes, commuting, puppies, cats, european capitals, shapes and sizes, music, macro photography, sports, fashion, design - whatever cool photos from Instagram you can imagine, you will find them through Slidelight.

Soupyo - The first iPhone app for is finally here

Jul 14, 2011 - Warsaw based developer, Macoscope today releases Soupyo 1.1 for iOS and fans. What Soupyo actually does is letting you browse through every possible soup there is. One has to admit that is all about fun. And if you don't know what is, just imagine the never ending stream of the most beautiful and funniest pics, gifs, memes, quotes and videos from all over the world, which you can comment and repost.