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How can an iPad App save you time and money

Aug 12, 2011 - Evil Twin Artworks has announced Time Track HD 1.0, a free business tool for the iPad which enables users to keep track of time spent on tasks within projects for invoice, management and evaluation purposes. Taking advantage of the iPad's large screen, the layout is simple and clear. A one button click system allows you to run multiple tasks and archive them for future reference, allowing you to see exactly where you are spending most of your time within a project.

iEvilgames' Squid Kid for iOS Well Recieved in First Days on App Store

Mar 11, 2011 - Indie developer iEvilgames' new app available for iOS was launched yesterday and the buzz is still building. With Squid Kid 1.1 looking at healthy app store downloads on it's first day this new kind of platform game experience seems to be well received. iEvilGames Squid Kid shows healthy first day downloads and appears to be bucking the trend of indie developers getting lost in the crowd.

Thursday is superhero day with an new kind of game on the App Store

Mar 04, 2011 - UK based indie developer iEvilGames will be introducing Squid Kid, their new and unique platform game for iOS devices this March 10th 2011. Squid Kid promises to let you swing under and over obstacles, swim at great speeds all whilst avoiding every threat the sea can muster. With 20 innovative levels you can spend hours swinging and catching bad guys. Battling 4 arch villains, Squid Kid will use pipes that shrink him down to fit through small gaps and avoid the baddies.

Squid Kid Reinvents Platform and Retro Games on the iPhone

Mar 03, 2011 - iEvilGames will be releasing Squid Kid for iOS March 10th, 2011. Using the best features the iPhone and iPod touch has to offer, SquidKid's touch control system is simple to learn while the levels have hidden depths, giving users days worth of fun game play! The Squid Kid app combines 2D & 3D objects to create stunning colorful graphics and animation that fit perfectly with the game play and retro feel. For those who love platform & retro games Squid Kid is for you.

New series of iPhone Apps designed to bring Art to everyone

Nov 05, 2010 - iEvilGames today announces Art Shake 1.0 for iOS. The Art Shake series of apps are a great start into the world of wonderful art, and serves to be a constantly expanding resource for people to discover great art. Give your iPhone a shake and it will randomly choose an art piece for you to view, tap the work for more info on the artist, and repeat, simple. Art Shake takes the viewer out of their comfort zone and exposes them to art forms and artists they may never have discovered.