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Qoppa releases PDF Studio 11 - Advanced PDF Editor for Mac

Jun 15, 2016 - Atlanta based Qoppa Software today announces PDF Studio 11, an important update to their powerful, easy-to-use PDF editing application for Mac OS X. PDF Studio 11 creates PDF documents that are fully compliant with the Adobe PDF specifications and runs well on Mac OS X El Capitan. Version 11 introduces a brand new OCR engine, and adds a number of new features including Spell Check, Non-Latin OCR Languages, Output Preview, and Enhanced Print Dialog.

PDF Studio 10 - Powerful PDF Editor for Mac OS X - Now Available

Apr 21, 2015 - Qoppa Software today announces the availability of PDF Studio 10, an all-in-one, easy to use PDF editing software for Mac OS X that is offered at an unbeatable price. The new version adds PDF Optimization, Overlay Comparison and Conversion to HTML5. The Optimizer function provides many options for users to reduce the file size of PDF documents before sharing or publishing them. Images can be downsized and compressed, unused and duplicate objects removed, and data streams compressed.

Qoppa Software Releases PDF Studio 9 with Form Designer, Redaction, PDFA

May 14, 2014 - Qoppa Software, a leading producer of PDF software, announces version 9 of PDF Studio, their powerful, easy to use PDF editing software for Windows, Mac and Linux. PDF Studio 9 adds an interactive form designer, an advanced redaction feature, conversion to PDF/A, and numerous digital signatures and annotations enhancements.Our goal is to provide an all-in-one, affordable PDF solution for all businesses and organizations, whether they are running Windows, Mac or Linux.

Qoppa Software announces PDF Studio 8

Jan 15, 2013 - Atlanta based Qoppa Software today announces a major new release of PDF Studio, their powerful, easy to use, cross-platform PDF desktop tool. PDF Studio 8 adds JavaScript support in PDF forms, faster rendering, improved text selection, and user interface improvements. Qoppa has implemented a new tile based rendering approach which greatly improves the user experience when working with graphically intensive PDF documents and much more.

Qoppa Software Java PDF libraries/components better PDF performance

Sep 20, 2012 - Qoppa Software's fall release adds multi-column text extraction in all Java PDF libraries, plus threaded rendering and new pan & zoom tool in GUI components. The new release also enhances memory management so the PDF libraries can handle rendering and printing of very large CCITT fax images. Thanks to the revision of Qoppa's text extraction algorithm, text selection and highlight is also greatly improved in the visual components.

Qoppa Software Expands Server-Side Conversion of Word Files to PDF

May 04, 2012 - Qoppa Software today announces the new release of PDF Automation Server 3.2 with expanded Word to PDF conversion, including support for conversion of Word files with the .docx extension to PDF. PDF Automation Server is a reliable and affordable system to automate PDF workflows. This unique product, based on Qoppa's proprietary PDF technology, automates the receiving, processing, and routing of files on Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, and any other Java enabled platform.

Qoppa Software major product release of PDF Studio, new content editing

Jan 13, 2012 - Qoppa Software today announces new major release of PDF Studio 7, a full featured cross-platform PDF editor comparable to the best editors on the market. PDF Studio 7 Pro lets users edit the content and manipulate the objects in a PDF document. Users can make small modifications such as correcting typos and misspellings, changing font properties or rearranging images before final publishing. PDF Studio 7 adds content editing and enhanced user interface.

Qoppa Software Automates Printing and Conversion of Word to Images/PDFs

Apr 30, 2011 - Atlanta based Qoppa Software today announces PDF Automation Server 3 with enhancements for Word to PDF conversion, Word to images conversion, Word file printing, improved performance and memory management, user interface enhancements, and improved PDF preflight. This unique multi-platform workflow server product automates the receiving, processing, and routing of multiple types of files on all Java enabled server platforms.

New Java PDF Components/Libraries: Group Annotations/View All File Sizes

Apr 26, 2011 - Atlanta based Qoppa Software today announces their PDF libraries and components. Qoppa Software's latest Java PDF components and libraries include annotation groups and unlimited file size access across all major operating environments, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and web-based. Developers can quickly and reliably add PDF document capabilities such as viewing, printing, signing, form filling, markup and manipulation.