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Teen Designs Nutrition Themed App

Dec 05, 2013 - SmartyShortz is proud to announce 14 year old Cameron Evans, daughter of gamer Dave Evans, designs an app for Apple with the help of the app development firm SMARTYSHORTZ to encourage healthy food choices and addictive game play! Flying Pig by Smarty 1.0 for iOS is now available in the App Store. This game is based on making healthy choices and recognizing that the end result is feeling good. Flying Pig by Smarty is a game of endless fun levels. Each level takes place in different heights.

Art App for Students

Mar 31, 2013 - SmartyShortz brings art to all ages with their new Smarty Art app new to the App Store this week. Smarty Art offers dozens of artistic ways for a child to be creative for hours! The user has the ability to use the photo option (new or existing) and manipulate by turning them into coloring pages to color in or print out, or they can turn it into a cartoon, use the phonics art section, the freehand coloring or even the Jackson Pollock splatter paint or customized THANK YOU note section.

Update to Smarty Attendance Due to K-12 Campus Emergency Plans

Mar 09, 2013 - SmartyShortz LLC released a major update to Smarty Attendance. Updates include moving to cloud based, multi user multi classroom multi school support, improved user experience and more granular reporting. Smarty Attendance is used in many districts for it's emphasis in emergency lock down situations, giving real time updates on students status as well as long term integrated reports on students attendance behaviors.

SmartyShortz LLC releases new update to Smarty K (Kindergarten)

Jan 06, 2013 - SmartyShortz LLC released a major update to Smarty K (Kindergarten), their hottest selling educational app. Updates include touch to talk technology, new graphics and more depth to the lessons. Smarty K has 24 lessons and 24 games into one App. Smarty K available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is an educational App that offers 6 subjects each made up of 4 quick, different, lessons followed by 4 quick, different, games to both keep attention and reward the user while reinforcing the lessons.

SmartyShortz to Debut Stylus Kits at NAEYC This Week

Nov 10, 2012 - NAEYC National Association for the Education of Young Children conference in Atlanta this week, November 7-10 marks the spot where SmartyShortz, App Development Firm out of Washington DC debuts their much anticipated Stylus Gripper Pencils for tablets. The controversy over whether children using their fingers to learn key letter strokes is increasing. Smarty Stylus pencils are replicas of a #2 pencil and have the proper gripper attached for flawless and fluid movement on the iPad!

Not Just Another Handwriting App, Smarty Print Has It All

Nov 08, 2012 - Smarty Print Handwriting in unlike any other letter tracing or handwriting app in the app store but not unlike most SmartyShortz apps where there is always an element of fun & positive reinforcement! Created in conjunction with a Kindergarten teacher, that needed an all inclusive handwriting app for her classroom iPads, to replace her $2000/school year classroom workbooks & worksheets. Smarty Print includes all sight words, upper & lower case writing, phonics, assessment, practice & art.

Teacher Creates Gripper Stylus Pencils for iPads

Oct 31, 2012 - Kindergarten teacher and app development firm SmartyShortz together created a NO MORE FINGERS campaign for little learners to stop using the pointer finger when tracing and learning letters on the iPad. The Smarty Stylus Pencils are designed to feel like a #2 pencil, outfitted with the highest ranked grippers (triangle for toddlers and mini & gel grippers for ages 5+) for users to learn how to properly hold and write while on iPad handwriting apps. Smarty also offers adult versions

New Baseball Swing App 90 instructions

Sep 25, 2012 - Get your swing on, just in time for the playoffs! Today Colonial Baseball Instruction released their newest app to the App Store, My Coach: Baseball Instructor. The second in a string of apps that helps even the youngest advocate feel what is like to be in the correct fundamental positions of all baseball skills. This interactive baseball training app rides solo in the app store as one of the first to use an image overlay process allowing the user to truly connect with the stances & excel.

Reclaim Family Game Night with Smarty Wings and Halos

Aug 08, 2012 - SmartyShortz LLC has released the much anticipated Smarty Wings and Halos - a Christian take on a classic board game. This will be the first time the development powerhouse dives into an app with religious connotation. The app will include spoken psalms, angel customization and a multi player option with-in the app & remotely. Smarty Wings and Halo's is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Reclaim family game night with your digital natives with Smarty Wings and Halos!