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iFixit And MacMod Announce 2008 Mod Of The Year

Jan 11, 2009 - MacMod, in partnership with iFixit, has announced the Mod of the Year award for 2008. This award is given to the Mac-related modification that best captures the imagination of a panel of judges who must rate it based on creativity, difficulty, and functionality. This year the Mod of the Year is a pre-AGP Macintosh hacked to run Leopard.

First Mac-Only "Social Learning Network" Launches

Dec 31, 2008 - MacMod is repositioning itself in order to better serve Mac users looking for a place to socialize and learn with other Mac users. In this world of social networking MacMod recognizes the need to bring the powerful community building features of sites like Facebook and MySpace into the smaller more intimate niche that is the Mac community. MacMod will be blending these features with useful Mac-related content including software tools, modification guides, system specs, icons sets, and more.

First Modern Mac-only Social Network Prepares For Prime Time

Dec 25, 2008 - MacMod today unveiled the beta of their new site to 5,000 community members and the press today for a weeklong private preview. The site expects to launch January 1, 2009. The site, which has been a Macintosh community for many years, will target enthusiastic Mac users seeking to socialize with other Mac users around the world.

5th Annual 2008 Great Mac Mod Challenge Sponsored By iFixit

Aug 01, 2008 - Today MacMod announces the beginning of the 5th annual "Great MacMod Challenge" sponsored by iFixit. MacMod is home to Apple Macintosh computer users who modify their computer and software, in sometimes extreme cases. The Great MacMod Challenge 2008 is the fifth of the annual event where computer "modders" submit their creations for a review by a panel of judges for over $2000 worth of prizes.