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Beyond the Basics OS X Tutorial Series Teaches Security and Automation

Jul 18, 2014 - Toronto based Infinite Skills has released Apple OS X: Beyond The Basics, a course designed as an introduction to the technical side of OS X Mavericks, guiding basic Mac users through the system's advanced capabilities for security and administration. The course covers the Unix filesystem, utilities that can help systems run more efficiently, Automator, AppleScript, as well as in-depth account management and more. The course is available via instant streaming, download and DVD-ROM.

New AutoCAD 2014 for Mac Tutorial Video Explores Planning and Design

Jan 24, 2014 - Infinite Skills has released a 10-hour AutoCAD tutorial video series available via instant streaming, download and DVD. Presented by author of CADaBlog and renowned trainer Brian Benton, the tutorial includes 108 lessons on drafting, editing, dimensioning and plotting and more. Following an introduction to the AutoCAD interface, students begin learning to draw in AutoCAD, picking up fundamentals and learning time-saving techniques developed by experienced practitioners.

New HTML 5 Tutorial Offers Guide to iOS-Friendly Web Design

Feb 16, 2012 - Toronto based provider, Infinite Skills today announces a new Learning HTML 5 Training Course on DVD-ROM. This seven-hour course begins with basic HTML concepts and moves through the new video embedding capabilities of HTML 5, the multimedia container favored by Apple's iPhone and iPad teams. Taught by technology expert John Ulliman, the 66 tutorials provide a beginner-friendly pipeline to cross-platform development. The full course can be ordered on DVD-ROM or as a download from InfiniteSkills.

New OS X Lion Server Tutorial Simplifies Hosting and Admin Tasks

Feb 08, 2012 - The 10-hour OSX Server training video course goes through server installation and network configuration and shows how to host websites, wikis, media streaming and more. Narrated by Apple-certified expert Chris Tarnowieckyi, the hands-on training includes over 120 lessons on intermediate and advanced topics related to home, small business and enterprise Apple configurations. The course can be ordered on DVD-ROM or as download for a low price from the InfiniteSkills website.

Apple Compressor 4 Tutorial Offers Guide to A/V Publishing on the Mac

Dec 28, 2011 - Toronto based training provider, Infinite Skills today announces a new Apple Compressor 4 Training Course on DVD-ROM. Presenting a full walkthrough of Compressor's exporting and effects functionality, this 44-lesson training series looks at the professional audiovisual workflow tool and its powerful filters and effects. Narrated by Apple Certified Professional Matt Schalk, the extended Compressor training course spans 2.5 hours and includes usable sample files.

Apple Motion 5 Tutorial Video Course Teaches Compositing and Effects

Nov 03, 2011 - Toronto based training provider, Infinite Skills today announces a new Apple Motion 5 Tutorial Video Course. Designed to teach practical compositing and effects techniques for post-production workflows, this 10-hour training video DVD includes realtime walkthroughs on compositing, chroma keying, text effects and more. Available as a DVD-ROM or instant download, the complete course comes with 93 lessons and usable project files that correspond with the lessons onscreen.

Infinite Skills Offers 11-Hour Final Cut Pro X Tutorial Video Series

Sep 26, 2011 - The new Final Cut Pro X Tutorial has been designed to help new and even more experienced users learn Apple's revamped editing system. With 142 lessons, the series explores common video capture, editing and post-processing techniques using the program's redesigned tool set. Authored by trainer Andy Anderson, who has conducted seminars for Disney, Universal Studios and The White House, the course uses high resolution video and included project clips to facilitate hands-on learning.

Pro Tools 9 Tutorial Focuses on Mac Music and Sound Design Workflows

Aug 31, 2011 - Toronto based training provider, Infinite Skills today announces a new Avid Pro Tool 9 Training Video Course. It highlights professional standard audio production techniques for music, voice and soundtrack work. With 85 separate tutorials, the series has been designed to help beginners gradually learn recording concepts and techniques, implement virtual and real-world instruments and produce polished publishable tracks. The course is currently available in DVD-ROM and downloadable format.

MS Word 2011 Tutorial Aims to Boost Mac Users' Business Productivity

Aug 25, 2011 - Toronto based training developer, Infinite Skills today announces a new Word 2011 training video course, exclusively for Microsoft Word users. This course explores the Mac word processor's common toolset to help new users become familiar with a wide range of functions the program can provide within a business environment. Ordered on DVD-ROM or as a digital download, this video-based course includes a total of 75 lessons and a runtime of 4.5 hours of training.