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Cash Register Toy App Provides Hands-On Fun

Oct 21, 2014 - The Cash Register Toy App replaces the bulky expensive teaching cash register toy with a flexible app on your iPhone or iPad that even includes a scanner and currencies from multiple countries. The apps use items from around the house or classroom to enhance the age-old childrens activity of playing store. You can enter cash amounts and see them show on the receipt with a random product. Cash Register Ultimate Edition allows comes with currencies that represent countries from around the world.

iPad Toy Cash Register appeals to Preschoolers and Elementary Students

Nov 10, 2010 - Independent Software Developer is celebrating the success of Toy Cash Register, an update to its preschool targeted iPhone App, as well as an app scholarship. Toy Cash Register is designed to be used to play store, similar to many toy cash registers you can find in the real world. The upgrade has banknotes in the drawer that are representative of the United States and Canada, and an additional ten other countries are represented in currencies available as in app purchases.