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Great App for Disney World Wait Times Offers More Fun, Less Waiting

Feb 07, 2012 - Apptasmic today announces its latest travel app, Great App for Disney World Wait Times, helping the millions of visitors to the park enjoy more of their favorite rides, attractions, and restaurants while avoiding long lines. The app features live maps, detailed ride and restaurant information, and users can see wait times that are updated in real time. Great App for Disney World Wait Times is the only app of its kind to show real time dining wait times and be directly integrated with Facebook.

Australia Unlimited: free iPad magazine profiles creativity & innovation

Feb 06, 2012 - Australia Unlimited is a free monthly magazine app that shares compelling stories of people changing the world for the better - through their art, business acumen, research or humanitarian efforts. The common thread is Australia: whether it's through a person's place of birth or their experience of living, working or studying in the country, Australia Unlimited examines the contribution the nation's people is making to global issues with fresh content, imagery, videos, interviews and podcasts.

Control the Universe in New StarXStar Astrological Card Game for iPhone

Jan 26, 2012 - Designed to bring out the inner astrologer in anyone, the new iPhone app StarXStar is introduced today as a challenging outer space card game where players must use their skills with numbers and patterns to win over their opponent. To control an opponent's StarXStar, players must put a stronger card next to theirs. The goal is for players to control more StarXStar than their opponent at the end of each game, when all nine boxes are filled.

TJ's Art Studio - Creative New iPad App Sparks Children's Imaginations

Jan 05, 2012 - Giving children an entertaining and educational new creative tool, UmaChaka Media, Inc. today announces the launch of its latest iPad app, TJ's Art Studio, letting young artists draw, paint, and share their creations. Created specially for the iPad, the app features original animated characters from TJ & Pals that interact with the child and provide an engaging way to explore art and creativity. Kids learn how to create using pencils, paintbrushes, markers, stickers, pictures, and more.

Surprise Box for iPhone - Amazing Box Full of Random Animated Surprises

Dec 16, 2011 - Art Dynasty has announced the release and worldwide availability of the new application Surprise Box - a collection of scary and cute surprises. Features of the Surprise Box app include: free animated surprises, surprise share with friends via e-mail, surprise import, and the option to buy more surprises. Designed specifically for the iPhone's Retina display, Surprise Box will be updated with new content monthly.

Tongue Flied - Ready, Aim, Eat in New Fast-Paced Arcade Game for iOS

Dec 15, 2011 - Mezmo Media today introduces its latest app for iPhone and iPad, Tongue Flied, a fast-paced arcade game where players need quick reflexes and smart strategy to have their frog catch the insects flying high above in 28 levels. In Tongue Flied, players move their frog around ponds and swamps in search of their favorite food - delicious insects. With the bugs buzzing high above, players need to aim and shoot out their frog's extra-long tongue if they want to eat.

New Pixel Blend Pro iPhone App Transforms Photos into Impressionist Art

Dec 15, 2011 - To help photographers transform their images into impressionist art, Michael Valdez today introduces the innovative new app Pixel Blend Pro, giving iPhone users unique and unexpected tools to manipulate digital photos in dramatic ways previously only possible with film. The app lets photographers scratch, smudge, and smear photos in new ways to give them a painterly. Based on the iPad app Pixel Blend HD, Pixel Blend Pro adds new features such as tool sizes, new textures, and an eraser.

Chopstick Flick - New Sushi Game Challenges Diners to Play with Food

Dec 14, 2011 - Giving gamers a new way to play with their food, Mezmo Media today announces the launch of Chopstick Flick, its latest casual game for iPhone and iPad that challenges players to slide their sushi rolls closer to the wasabi than their opponents. Inspired by a dinner at a sushi restaurant, the game is an original mix of skill, aim, and luck as players bounce their sushi off obstacles and each other. Chopstick Flick also comes with a free bowling-inspired bonus game, Bowl With a Roll, in the app.

Courage Wolf Jump - New Action-Packed Jumping Game for iPhone

Dec 12, 2011 - Rocket Splash Games today announces the launch of Courage Wolf Jump, an action-packed game for iPhone that challenges players to jump through 3 unique worlds and 9 dangerous levels toward the finish line. As a wolf, players collect coins that allow them to buy weapons, special abilites, and more. These valuable extras will be useful when fighting the evil bosses players will encounter on their adventure. In Courage Wolf Jump, players leap from platform to platform, climbing towards the top.