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KeynotePro Announces 3 New Themes for Keynote 7

Apr 06, 2017 - North Carolina based KeynotePro today announces the introduction of 3 new themes for the recently updated Keynote 7. Disruptor is an assertive, modern pitch-deck theme designed for tech start-ups and innovators. KeyStation NXT is a web-inspired theme optimized for building Keynote-powered kiosks and interactive presentations. And Chelsea is a fashion-oriented theme that blends modern texture with classic type to create a unique interplay of styles.

KeynotePro Announces Mojave AG Themes for Keynote '09

Sep 04, 2013 - North Carolina based KeynotePro today announces the introduction of Mojave AG for Keynote '09. Mojave AG is a set of two themes featuring richly-textured backgrounds in a contemporary, uncluttered framework: Mojave Air, an ethereal blue-green set over a textured cloud-bank, and Mojave Ground, blending aerial desert topography with a neutral Southwestern palette. The Mojave themes each include 27 master slides, a mix of narrative-oriented and image-driven masters in the Mojave style.

KeynotePro Announces New Themes, iOS Quick-Launch Feature

Aug 13, 2013 - North Carolina based KeynotePro today announces the introduction of two new themes - Brighton and District for Keynote - as well as expanded support for iOS devices. Brighton is a curvaceous Motion-Enhanced theme featuring a sea-side palette. District is a modern, print-inspired geometric design including two distinct palettes. iOS Quick-Launch enables many of the most popular KeynotePro themes to be opened directly within Keynote for iOS without needing to first apply the theme on a Mac.

KeynotePro Announces KeyStation Echo Theme for Keynote '09

Mar 29, 2011 - North Carolina based KeynotePro today introduces KeyStation Echo for Keynote '09. Designed with an eye toward the Web and Interactive media, the KeyStation Echo themes blur the line between presentation and interactivity, making it easy to build interactive presentations and kiosks with a User-Interface standard your audience will immediately understand and be able to interact with on their own.

KeynotePro Announces Tribeca Theme for Keynote '09

Feb 02, 2011 - North Carolina based KeynotePro today introduces Tribeca for Keynote '09. Tribeca was inspired by one of our favorite NYC neighborhoods, with bold, vibrant swaths of color bringing subtly cantilevered layouts to life in an elegant style that's reminiscent of glossy magazine or brochure layouts - making Tribeca especially well suited for presentations on architecture, fashion or high-impact corporate themes.

KeynotePro Announces Aurora Theme for Keynote '09

Oct 15, 2010 - KeynotePro today introduces Aurora for Keynote '09. Aurora was built with simplicity and effortless style in mind. Aurora features several layers of focal points within its hand painted backgrounds, creating a vibrant illusion of depth and soft focus on each slide master. This theme includes 26 master slides - a mix of narrative and image-driven styles, including Full Spectrum and Inline slides in the Aurora signature style. It is available exclusively in the Aurora Pro and Pro Mobile Editions.

OfficeDocsPro Debuts Premium Themes for PowerPoint 2008

Feb 05, 2010 - Walrus Group LLC, today announced they have extended their distinct approach to presentation themes into Microsoft's PowerPoint software, launching a new website, OfficeDocsPro, and announcing the immediate availability of five premium themes for PowerPoint 2008. The five inaugural OfficeDocsPro Themes are built for THMX, the newest PowerPoint theme standard and first introduced in Microsoft Office 2007 and Office:Mac 2008.

KeynotePro Announces Copenhagen Theme for Keynote '09

Nov 12, 2009 - KeynotePro today is pleased to announce the introduction of Copenhagen for Keynote '09. Copenhagen was designed from the ground up to balance high-impact, aggressively modern styling with a restrained sense of order. We began with a fractal-inspired foundation - extrusions of color and shape that explore symmetry and chaos through the use of implied space - and explored the interplay of narrative elements within to create a distinctively playful design with an unmistakably professional edge.

KeynotePro Announces Warp Series: Elevation for Keynote '09

Oct 02, 2009 - KeynotePro today introduces Warp Series: Elevation for Keynote '09. Elevation '09 carries the aggressive modern styling of our Warp Series themes forward with controlled, ordered design that still maintains a sharp contemporary edge. This theme features a range of slide-spanning, staccato layouts against a subtly detailed, understated backgrounds, brought together into a design that constantly shifts the balance of foreground and background to create a sense of implied motion.