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The Big Little Quest 2.1 for iOS - Classic Isometric Adventure Game

Sep 06, 2011 - ITL Business today introduces The Big Little Quest 2.1 for iOS, their new classic adventure game that features retro isometric graphics. Reminiscent of such games as the original Zelda and Golden Sun, The Big Little Quest is an episodic adventure with engaging gameplay. In this first episode, our hero Axel has returned home and is horrified to find out his older sister is being held captive by a villain. Players must rescue her by talking to local people and finding clues along the way.

Alone 1.6 for iOS - Classic Isometric Platformer, Room-Based Game

Dec 06, 2010 - ITL Games today announces Alone 1.6 for iOS, an update to their retro, isometric platformer game. Following a deadly chemical-warfare attack, the city is in ruins. The player must find a vaccine for himself and his girlfriend, while gathering survival gear and fighting off enemies. The update features improved performance, new controls, accelerometer and shake actions, and more fluid movement. The two-thumb GUI features touchscreen weapons, unlimited levels, and restart at the last level.