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Cas Calc P11 for iPad ready for iOS 7, new Math Kernel and 64Bit Support

Jan 24, 2014 - Power APP AG today announces CAS Calc P11 version 1.7.9, an update to its popular scientific calculator with graphing abilities for the iPad. Cas Calc P11 comes with more than 1,200 functions and provides the user with different interfaces like MAPLE, TI-Style or P11 input format and comes with a full symobilc CAS System. Version 1.7.9 includes support functionality for iOS 7.1 as well as implements a new Math Kernel that supports 64Bit operation.

Wrap Camera HD 2.9.6 for iOS features Wrapping and Folding of Pictures

Nov 29, 2013 - Power App AG is pleased to announce an update of Wrap Camera HD. Wrap Camera HD comes with a ton of FX to modify and enhance pictures, featuring wrapping and folding pictures like paper sheets. After fixing minor bugs and User Interface improvements Power App continued adding additional languages. Wrap Camera HD is a picture editor with a focus on some unique features. Wrap Camera brings 80+ so called shapes to treat a picture "paper like", all of these shapes can be superimposed and combined.

Movie Player+ 1.2.0 for iOS: Add Real-Time Video Filters and S/FX

Jul 08, 2013 - Power App today announces Movie Player+ 1.2.0 for iOS, an update to its powerful app that adds creative filters & special effects to any video in real-time. This update allows users to save their new video to the camera roll and share it. The app features 8 artistic filters, 3 special effects, and an innovative One Touch Brightness and Contrast Control. OTBCC lets users drag across the screen horizontally to increase or decrease contrast, and simultaneously drag vertically to adjust brightness.

Power App AG releases Color Blaze HD 1.0 - Photo FX Enhancement

Jul 05, 2013 - Effortlessly highlight user defined areas in pictures on the iPad. Power App GmbH today introduces Color Blaze HD 1.0, its brand new photo enhancement app developed for iPad devices. With Color Blaze HD, anyone can turn pictures into art in a fast & simple way. The app allows quick and simple enhancement of pictures by highlighting areas in the image that were previously turned into black/white pictures. An effective way to draw the viewers attention to the spot in the picture where you want it.

Battery Doc 1.0 for iOS Shows Load Cycle, Capacity and More in Real Time

Jun 28, 2013 - Power App AG is pleased to introduce Battery Doc 1.0, their Battery Manager for iOS devices with unique features. Battery Doc provides more than basic information in a nice wrapping; it comes with advanced and detailed information about the state and health of the battery of an iOS device. Battery Doc tracks the processes that drain the battery, allowing users to shut off processes that drain the battery most. The app also informs about load cycles and the remaining capacity of the battery.

Wake Me Up 1.0 for iOS - Eyelid Detector and Microsleep Warning Alarm

Jun 24, 2013 - Power App today introduces Wake Me Up 1.0 for iOS, its new app that continuously scans the user's face and sounds an alarm if their eyelids close for 3 seconds or longer. Incorporating the latest technology in face localization and facial feature extraction, the app signals green when the rear camera of the iDevice is properly aligned, and green again when it detects the open eyes. Ideal for preventing accidents to due microsleeps, Wake Me Up includes a detection sensitivity control.

Air Camera + 1.0 for iOS: Live Streaming+Recording of Video to Apple TV

Jun 03, 2013 - Power App AG today introduces Air Camera +, its new app that enables streaming of live video from the front or rear camera of the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad directly to any television connected to Apple TV. Live audio from the iDevice's mic is also streamed via AirPlay to the television. The plus of Air Camera + is the ability to record and save audio/video streams, and real time video effects. Ideal for wirelessly broadcasting to a nearby TV screen, the app makes any iDevice a mini TV studio.

Air Microphone 1.0 for iOS: AirPlay-Based, Handheld PA System with EQ

Apr 22, 2013 - Power App today introduces Air Microphone 1.0 for iOS its new productivity app that enables any iDevice to serve as a convenient, handheld public address system with built-in equalization. Employing Apple's proprietary AirPlay Mirroring technology, the wireless signal can be received by an Apple TV digital media receiver, and the live audio can be amplified for an audience through the TV's sound system. Mac computers with Intel processors can also serve as Air Microphone wireless mic receivers.

Wallet Camera-Talking Pictures: Photo Filters, Frames, Captions + Voice

Apr 17, 2013 - Power App today introduces Wallet Camera 1.0 - Talking Pictures, its advanced photo app that lets users customize their photos with a suite of filters, tools, effects, frames, captions, and audio. Featuring built-in Instagram, flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and email connectivity, the app allows users to make their photos truly stand out from among the more than 100 million photos emailed and posted daily. Wallet Camera works with new photos shot from within the app or images saved in Photos.