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SMSwriterLite Offers Ready-Made Text Messages for Any Occasion

Feb 27, 2011 - Power App announces SMSwriterLite, its latest iPhone app, offering a free and easy way to share a smile with friends and loved ones. With over 65 ready-made SMS templates, SMSwriterLite is a quick and simple way for anyone to send a funny, romantic, or holiday text message - without struggling to find the right words to say. iPhone users have a unique, pre-written text messages that they can send instantly or edit for a more personal touch.

GPS speedo 1.1 for iOS - Speed in MPH, km/h, and m/s, Simultaneously

Feb 23, 2011 - Power App today introduces GPS speedo 1.1 for iOS, their app that displays GPS-accurate speed readings in three formats simultaneously: Miles per Hour, Kilometers per Hour, and Meters per Second. A fourth window displays altitude in Meters. All digital readouts are accurate to two decimal places, and the app uses data from the GPS-System and the GSM/UMTS-Network. A Head's Up Display function allows drivers to read their speed projected onto the windshield from an iPhone on top of the dashboard.

QR-Reader 1.0 for iOS - Scan, Read, Record UPC Bar Codes and QR Codes

Feb 18, 2011 - Power App today introduces QR-Reader 1.0 for iOS their app that allows users to scan, read, and record standard bar codes and square QR codes. Users simply enter scan mode, focus on the code to be read using their iOS device camera, and press Scan. Immediately, the photo is saved, and the alphanumeric translation is displayed. The app supports QR Codes, EAN/UPC Product Codes, Code 128, DataBar, Code 93, etc. Touching the Link button allows users to go to web pages whose URLs have been scanned.

Speech2SMS 1.0 for iOS - Hands-Free, Speech-To-Text SMS Messaging

Feb 17, 2011 - Power App today introduces Speech2SMS 1.0 for iOS, their app that allows users to create and send SMS messages by speaking into their iOS device. Following a brief period of calibration, during which it accounts for ambient noise levels, the app is ready to take dictation. It employs the OpenEars open-source iOS library for English language speech recognition. Designed for no-hands text input when use of the virtual keyboard is inconvenient or impossible, users must speak slowly and clearly.

WishesTree 1.0 for iOS - Shake Tree to Receive Wisdom and Predictions

Feb 04, 2011 - Power App today introduces WishesTree 1.0 for iOS their app that offers fortune-telling, ancient wisdom, and timeless inspiration. A tradition in many cultures worldwide, this virtual wish tree is a giant, snow-covered Maple. Shake the iOS device, and one of the red-ribboned parchment scrolls, which are tied to the branches, floats to the ground, opens and reveals its message. Sure to capture the imagination of all who try it, WishesTree is a reminder of the power of destiny, wishes and dreams.

SMSWriter 1.0 for iOS - Over 800 Message Templates for Every Occasion

Feb 01, 2011 - Power App today introduces SMSWriter 1.0 for iOS, their app with over 800 message templates for every occasion. It can be difficult to write a memorable message within the confines of a text message, but this app gives users some help. There are 843 different templates in English, and 1170 in German. Categories include: Love, Friendship, Birthday, Valentine's Day, Easter, Greetings, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Weddings, and Jokes. Customized messages may be sent from within the app.

PhotosMail 1.0 for iOS - Integrated Tool for Sending Photos by Email

Jan 21, 2011 - Power App GmbH today introduces PhotosMail 1.0 for iOS, their app that provides an integrated tool for sending multiple photos as attachments to a single email. As the iPhone 4 has a maximum still resolution of 2592 x 1936 pixels, far in excess of any iOS device display, the app offers three levels of scaling to reduce file size: Actual, Medium, and Small. Users may select photos directly from the Photo Library, and email recipients from the Address Book, or addresses may be entered manually.

SysMoni 1.0 for iOS - Activity, System, Hardware Monitor for iPhone/iPod

Jan 13, 2011 - Power App GmbH today introduces SysMoni 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch, their app that provides complete activity, system, and hardware monitoring. Similar in function to the Mac OS X Activity Monitor application, SysMoni provides real-time information about: currently running processes, current OS, CPU usage, IP addresses, disk capacity and usage, memory capacity and usage, bus speed and CPU speed. The app provides a detailed view of vital statistics and parameters normally hidden from the user.

Beauty_de 1.0 for iOS - The Best DIY Masks for All Skin Problems

Jan 11, 2011 - Power App GmbH today introduces Beauty_de 1.0 for iOS, their app that shows users how to make their own, customized cosmetic masks. Designed for all who are concerned about the health of their skin, the app eliminates the need for high-markup, poorly tested, commercial cosmetics made from less than ideal ingredients. The app provides step-by-step instructions for making skin care products especially for the user's skin type, and will be of special value to those with allergies to cosmetics.