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Power DOS for iOS now back in on the App Store

Oct 17, 2016 - Pilcrow AG today announces Power DOS 1.4.0, a completely revamped version of their DOS-emulator for iPhone and iPad devices. Originally released in 2014, Power DOS gained some success and was widely recognized. But like many other apps, it was removed from the App Store when Apple changed their guidelines. Pilcrow re-wrote the whole app from scratch so that it meets App Store guidelines. Version 1.4.0 offers even better stability and Bluetooth options for keyboards have been added.

Cas Calc 3D released for iOS and tvOS - Powerful Scientific Calculator

Aug 23, 2016 - Pilcrow AG announces Cas Calc 3D 2.0.2, an update to their powerful scientific calculator for iOS and tvOS. Cas Calc 3D was designed specifically for scientists, mathematicians, students and generally people who need precise and reliable calculations in a timely manner. It features 3D graphing capabilities and comes with more than 1,400 ready to use functions. Version 2.0.2 introduces an all new kernel based on 64bit architecture, LATEX Parser and script interface, GNU Plot library and more.

Pilcrow AG launched All-In-One Document Manager for iPhone and iPad

Mar 22, 2016 - Pilcrow AG today introduces Document Manager 1.0, their brand new business app for iOS devices. Document Manager does everything from scanning papers and receipts, converting the scans into an editable format and finally altering the document, so that it can be saved, shared or used in other apps. The built-in editor allows creating and altering documents to save them either as txt, rtf, html and markdown. The app includes full cloud access, NAS/SMB supprt, WiFi File Sharing and more.

All-In-One Document Manager for iOS by Pilcrow AG Coming Soon

Mar 16, 2016 - Pilcrow AG today announces their up-and-coming release of Document Manager - Scan Edit Convert, a new app that will allow anyone to complete office tasks without having leaving the app. Document Manager will be able to display files and documents, to create and edit documents, to share files and documents and last not least, to convert them into file formats that most everyone can read without a hassle, regardless the type of device it is displayed. It will be launched in the next 2 weeks.

Movie Player+ for Apple TV by Pilcrow AG allows external Movie Uploads

Jan 06, 2016 - Pilcrow AG today introduces Movie Player+ for Apple TV, an app that allows uploading movies from external devices via WiFi and saving them on Apple TV. Movie Player+ supports 4k videos as well as many different file formats, such as wmv, flv, mp4, avi, 3GP and more. There is no limitation to iOS devices or devices running OS X. Any device can serve as external source, as long as it is able to connect via WiFi. Easy-to-use, it makes the choice of Movies to watch on your Apple TV even better.

Pilcrow released On Air for Apple TV, supporting 10.000 Radio Stations

Dec 21, 2015 - Pilcrow today introduces On Air for Apple TV, their new app for streaming radio to Apple TV. On Air grants direct access to 10.000 radio stations, all of them sorted in different genre. The advanced search function makes it easy to find the preferred station or streeam. Personal favorites can be stored, and be sorted to fit personal preferences. Digital TV made the world more enjoyable for radio enthusionasts, an the On Air app for Apple TV gives it an additional boost.

Pilcrow AG released Ad Blocker for iOS with massive Filter and Whitelist

Dec 07, 2015 - Pilcrow AG today introduces Peace of Mind 1.0, their new app utility developed for iOS devices. Peace of Mind is an Ad Blocker that prevents the download of unwanted streaming media and also prevents private data being sent to web pages. With an advanced filter set that consists of more than 45,000 rules, Peace of Mind features a media filter and privacy protection as part of the app. The Peace of Mind Ad Blocker comes with a 4 button setup process and an additional whitelist.

Power APP AG Announces Company Name Change

Oct 09, 2015 - Swiss based developer, Power APP today announced that it has officially changed its name to Pilcrow AG. Effective immediately, the name change is part of a re-branding and re-positioning initiative for the company. Pilcrow will still focus on solutions for iOS, OS X and also for Apple TV, however the new product range will be more advanced and present rather solutions than just apps. The new name is just the first step of many others to follow.

Power APP released Version 1.6.0 of Battery Doc for iOS

May 12, 2015 - Power App AG today announces Battery Doc 1.6.0, an important feature update to their popular battery management app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Battery Doc uses proprietary algorithms to determine the remaining uptime for the device. The displayed numbers either show the remaining uptime for the actual state of the device or the remaining uptime for specific uses. Version 1.6.0 contains minor bug fixes as well as a few additional options for the Apple Watch.