Nice Tips To Be A WordPress Developer In 2022

WordPress powers now around 40% of the web, so it is logical that most developers jump to WordPress to have more job opportunities.

In this article, we will have some awesome tips to be a WordPress developer.

1- Study HTML, CSS and Javascript

HTML, CSS and javascript are now the A, B, C for web. No developer in 2022 doesn’t know HTML, CSS or Javascript. Learning them is very essential and it is the first step to become a WordPress developer or a web developer in general.

2- Study PHP

PHP is the backend language for WordPress. You won’t be able to be a professional WordPress developer until you learn PHP. Building WordPress plugins or themes need experience with PHP and that’s why it is so important to learn PHP.

3- Learn Database and MySQL

WordPress comes with multiple database tables to save the data. You will need to understand first the database structure and dive in MySQL to understand WordPress database tables and also if you are building a custom WordPress plugin, you might need to build your own database tables to save the data but in 60% of cases, you will use the WordPress built in database tables.

4- Learn React.js or Vue.js

React is one of the most popular javascript frameworks and with the new WordPress versions, Gutenberg is getting more powerful and it is totally built on React.js and PHP. Learning React nowadays will differ you from normal WordPress developers. Vue.js is also a good option and easier than React. Those tools will enable you to build a complex front end for a custom WordPress plugin without hussle.

5- Learn from other projects

You should see more and more projects. We recommend learning from the newest plugins and themes since they have the most recent technology like for example: Quill Forms, the Typeform WordPress plugin. This is one of the most recent trends and it is built with React and Typescript.

Quill Forms can be used for surveys, quizzes, cost estimations and payment forms. There is no WordPress survey plugin that can beat Quill Forms.

6- Understand WordPress Hierarchy and WordPress Hooks

Now, you have a few steps before being a professional WordPress developer. The essential part of this roadmap is to understand the WordPress hierarchy and how to override single page, single post or custom taxonomy pages. There are a lot of tutorials in this part but it will take you some time to fully understand it.

WordPress hooks are another powerful feature in WordPress developments. It allows any developer to extend the functionality of any plugin easily. You will need to understand this part very well as well.


We in this post listed 6 tips to become a WordPress developer and mentioned the tools you need to learn. Also, we mentioned Quill Forms, the best WordPress quiz plugin where you can learn how large projects are structured.