New iCelebrity iPhone Apps Prevent Celebrity Stalking

January 14, 2010 in News (E)

[] Long Branch, New Jersey - Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Miley Cyrus, the Jonas brothers, and all of the world's celebrities can rest easier now that a new pair of iPhone apps is available on the Apple iTunes Store. Apple iPhone app developers and brother-sister team Joseph Nardone and Valerie Nardone today announced the release of their iCelebrity Reporter and iCelebrity Sightings iPhone apps.

These apps allow iPhone users who happen to see a celebrity to take a photo of that celebrity, enter the celebrity name into the phone, and have the photo immediately transmitted to online database of celebrity sightings. Using the GPS features of the iPhone, the celebrity photo is transmitted along with the time, date, and location where the photo was taken.

After a mandatory three-hour delay the photos and location information become available to other users of both of the iCelebrity iPhone apps, giving users the latest celebrity news while still protecting the safety of the public figures.

Joseph Nardone, who served as the development contact during Apple's strict approval process, said "The three hour delay between when we receive the celebrity sightings and when we make them available to our other users is one of the primary tools protecting celebrities." He added, "There are several others as well. One is the app user agreement which must be accepted prior to using the app and another is the fact that we collect the iPhone "ID" which law enforcement could trace back to an individual iPhone purchaser if our celebrity sighting data were ever to be misused."

The iCelebrity Reporter app is available for free on the Apple iTunes Store and it allows users to quickly take celebrity photos and upload them to the iCelebrity database. More importantly, users also can view the five most recent celebrity sightings in the iCelebrity database. With the popularity of celebrity news magazines and television shows and with the millions of iPhone users, the developers expect that a great number of iPhone users will download this app for the purpose of seeing the latest in celebrity sightings. Joseph Nardone estimates that 100,000 copies of the iCelebrity Reporter app will be installed on iPhones within a few months and with that number of installations he and his sister are hoping to record hundreds of new celebrity sightings each day.

The full-featured version of their app called iCelebrity Sightings is available for purchase for $4.99 on the Apple iTunes Store. In addition to allowing users to quickly take celebrity photos and upload them to the iCelebrity database, the iCelebrity Sightings app allows unlimited searching and mapping of the entire iCelebrity database. Users can search and view the most recent sightings of their favorite celebrity or they can map any recent celebrity sightings around any address in the world.

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