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Sesamouse brings real gestures and touches to Magic Mouse

Outlook, WASHINGTON    Jan 19, 2010 in Utility


Washington based Calf Trail Software, LLC today announces Sesamouse 1.0, a free new utility for extending the gesture capabilities of the Magic Mouse. Sesamouse imitates real multitouch trackpad gestures and touches from the Magic Mouse. Pinch magnification, rotation and swipes are not sent as keyboard events, but real gestures and touches to Cocoa applications. The utility is free, but user donations are encouraged to help businesses in Haiti rebuild.


[] Outlook, Washington, USA - Calf Trail Software, LLC today is pleased to announce Sesamouse 1.0, a free new utility for extending the gesture capabilities of the Magic Mouse. Sesamouse works by imitating real multitouch trackpad gestures, enabling the user to exercise fine control over pinch and rotate gestures without needing to set up keyboard shortcuts.

Sesamouse also sends the position of each finger as touch information (known to Cocoa developers as a set of NSTouch objects) that can be recognized by more advanced multitouch apps. Users can practice gestures and see how their fingers have been recognized above Sesamouse's own application window.

In a post introducing Sesamouse on their blog, Calf Trail writes, "Since seeing Jef Han's [multitouch demonstration at the 2006 TED conference], it's been obvious that multitouch is a great way to do more stuff with less fuss on the computer." By extending the multitouch capabilities of Apple's Magic Mouse hardware, Calf Trail hopes to open more multitouch benefits to desktop users.

Because Sesamouse does rely on some undocumented system features, Calf Trail is releasing it as a free utility in hopes that it will still benefit both users and developers of multitouch-aware applications. In lieu of donations at this time, Calf Trail is encouraging users to contribute directly to help Haitian small businesses rebuild via a link on the Sesamouse product page.


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Calf Trail Software, LLC was founded mid-2008 by Nathan Vander Wilt and Jon Hjelle in Sunnyside, WA. Calf Trail designs and develops customer-focused applications for the Mac and Web, with a love for making engineering innovations useful. Copyright 2008-2010 Calf Trail Software, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple and Magic Mouse are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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