Enterprise Desktop Alliance Members Announce Snow Leopard Support

January 21, 2010 in Announcements (E)

[prMac.com] Palo Alto, California - The member companies of the Enterprise Desktop Alliance (EDA) today announced the support for Mac OS(R) X v10.6 Snow Leopard(TM) in enterprise environments. Each of the member companies is committed to providing support for Snow Leopard in enterprise and business deployments with a Windows IT infrastructure. The cross-platform solutions available from the Alliance members address systems lifecycle management - Absolute Software; identity and access management - Centrify; file sharing and print services - Group Logic; troubleshooting and knowledge base-Web Help Desk; and virtualization - Parallels.

To help organizations make the transition to Snow Leopard, the Enterprise Desktop Alliance is presenting a webcast "Snow Leopard Integration in the Enterprise" Wednesday, February 3, 2010, at 1 pm ET / 10 am PT to explain how the members' solutions can help integrate Macs using Snow Leopard with a Windows Server(R) 2008 environment. Register for the webcast now.

"New capabilities in the Mac OS will result in growing end-user demand for IT Groups to grant support for the Mac," according to Michael Silver VP Distinguished Analyst at Gartner. "IT Groups should prepare to handle requests for Mac integration into corporate networks."

The EDA recognizes the broad interest and deployment of Mac OS inside enterprises that have traditionally been Windows only. The EDA members believe that Apple's support for enterprise technologies, such as Windows Microsoft Exchange, in Mac OS 10.6 will help sustain that growth. The EDA partners provide additional integration and functionality in areas that are outside of Apple's focus, but are important to deployments in enterprise environments.

The plans of the companies follow:

Absolute Software (formerly LANrev)
On September 15, LANrev shipped LANrev 5.2 which is updated and certified for use with Snow Leopard. LANrev's OS deployment shortens the time to upgrade multiple machines to Snow Leopard, minimizes end-user interruption during the migration process, and liberates the IT staff from the labor-intensive process. LANrev ensures that Snow Leopard is secure, stable, and compliant through its automated patch management system which tracks and reports machines with missing OS patches to help enforce security and compliance.

On 9-September, Centrify announced the availability of DirectControl for Mac OS X Snow Leopard. All of Centrify's extended desktop lockdown security and configuration controls available for previous Mac OS X systems are now available for Snow Leopard. These include smart card login and hundreds of Group Policies to help IT administrators manage Macs using the same familiar tools and processes currently used to manage their Windows systems.

Group Logic
On September 9, Group Logic shipped ExtremeZ-IP v6.0.2 which was updated and certified for use with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. ExtremeZ-IP ensures file compatibility between different versions of Mac OS X and also supports unique Mac features such as Network Spotlight full content searches and Time Machine backups. ExtremeZ-IP delivers capabilities not available in any other file server solution for Macs, such as Filename Policies and Microsoft DFS support.

On October 30, 2009, Group Logic released ArchiveConnect v1.0.2 which was updated and certified for use with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. With ArchiveConnect, Mac-based enterprises and departments can take full advantage of file system archiving to reduce storage costs by up to 60 percent and increase both IT and user productivity.

On November 10, 2009, Group Logic released MassTransit v6.1 with an updated MassTransit Web Client for Macintosh that is certified for use with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. MassTransit provides a file transfer solution for everyone: an easy-to-use web interface for infrequent file transfers, a powerful tool for high volume, high frequency transfers and automated tools for system-to-system file transfers. MassTransit provides your organization with a single tool for defining and enforcing file transfer access rights and for monitoring all file transmissions. For Mac users, MassTransit guarantees Macintosh file integrity and handles Macintosh Unicode file names effortlessly.

Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac supports all versions of Mac OS from Mac OS X 10.411 up, 10.5.2 and higher, through 10.6.x running on an Intel Mac.

Web Help Desk
Web Help Desk is completely compatible with all versions of Mac OS X from 10.4 through Snow Leopard. Because Web Help Desk is 100% pure Java, users have the freedom to install the Web Help Desk server-side software on the operating system of their choice without the worry of operating system lock-in. Web Help Desk supports virtually any modern standards-compliant browser; including Internet Explorer 7 , Safari, Firefox 3 , and Google Chrome.

Enterprise Desktop Alliance (EDA) solutions are specifically designed to maintain the Mac experience for users even as they interface with the Windows infrastructure. At the same time, by extending the standard Windows-based management environment, EDA solutions enable the Mac to be viewed and to act as a peer to Windows in an enterprise. Using the solutions from EDA companies, IT administrators can deliver the same standards of service, maintain uniform client configuration, enforce the same security controls, make the same sharepoints and print queues available, deliver the same disaster recovery, and enforce the same compliance policies for both Mac and Windows systems. And those same capabilities can be applied to the virtual version of Windows that runs on the Mac.