Webswell Inc. releases Webswell Business Hub 3 -B2B integration platform

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[prMac.com] Sacramento, CA - Webswell Inc. releases a new generation of Business Hub integration platform, the Webswell Business Hub 3. It implements range of technologies that makes it even more versatile and flexible. It contains dedicated Business Process Engine in order to allow building complex business orchestrations with multiple parties involved.

The key features are:
* Support of EDI standards
* Better support of Web Services integration
* Built-in Business Process engine (BPEL-based) allowing to define and run business processes over multiple parties with multiple business documents
* New web-based (ajax) monitoring portal that allows monitoring and management of messaging and business process executions

Webswell Business Hub is a business integration solution for advanced document interchange. Companies or units connected to the Business Hub are able to interchange their documents with others even if they use incompatible data formats and support different messaging protocols. For instance, an invoice sent from first company as EDI document via https can be received by second company as a XML invoice via SMTP.

Being transmitted through the Business Hub, the business document can be transformed, translated, validated or verified automatically which significantly reduce requirements for IT infrastructure at sending as well as receiving companies. In case of multi-node networks, with tens to hundreds of companies connected, the cost reduction is significant.

Another advantage is a built-in business process engine that allows to conduct and monitor business processes defined at the higher level (inter-company level rather than intra-company) giving the possibility to view actual states of business process instances in real-time even though there are many companies involved in given business process.

Webswell Inc. is a San Francisco, CA based integration company specialized in building EDI, ebXML, AS2 and Web Services integration solutions and provides related services. It is a member of Webswell group with offices in San Francisco/CA, London/UK and Prague/Czech Republic. Webswell's mission is to help companies of any size to utilize business integration solutions and exploit benefits that such integration provides.


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