The new point to share mind map knowledge starts at MindMapPedia

November 11, 2007 in Web Design (F)

[] November 11, 2007 - MindMindMind today announced; Point to Share Knowledge, the online encyclopedia of visually represented knowledge using popular mind mapping technique. is the open community moderated resource for mind mapped ideas and brainstorming notes, lectures, textbooks, mind maps of conferences and presentations. It invites to develop ideas to be continued and revised by mind mapping community.

Mind maps listed and served by can be created by popular mind mapping software or be classically hand-drawn. Users can search this encyclopedia for particular knowledge areas, learn subjects visualized in mind maps and search for interesting theme examples, personally contribute own vision to develop ideas by new mind maps. is the brand new service for enthusiasts of active mapping where everyone can watch contribution of others who takes care about live idea development. It is open collaborative work at the original ideas, bringing the real value for both who create and who learn knowledge.

Celebrating 30th year's anniversary of Mind Mapping, welcomes contributors to this free open project. We gratefully thank to author and researcher Tony Buzan who invented Mind Mapping which became world-wide popular technique of creative thinking.

MindMapPedia is a free and open online Encyclopedia of Knowledge, that contains mind maps on various topics and specifics.