Mac GUI City Launches as Virtual World for Mac Users

November 11, 2007 in Announcements (F)


Seeking out Macintosh information and discussion is now much easier and centralized thanks to the launch of Mac GUI City, a Web site focused on all aspects of Apple Macintosh computing. Mac GUI City differs from other Mac sites by creating the theme of a city in which various buildings placed upon a town square represent each area of the site. Discussion forums, software downloads, e-mail, a reference library and more are all available at the click of a mouse.

The Mac GUI City Community is free to join and each account provides a variety of useful features and functions:

- an e-mail address with 1 GB inbox (POP3 and webmail access)
- 200 MB web hosting space with no ads and FTP access
- 400 MB for photo uploads
- access to discussion forums, personal weblog, suburbs, auditoriums, etc.

One of the core features of Mac GUI City is called "Suburbs." Essentially, Suburbs is a way for citizens (members of Mac GUI City) to create and manage their own area of Mac GUI City. Suburb owners can create their own discussion forums and photo galleries and control who has access, essentially creating their own "miniature site."

Mac GUI City Auditoriums allows for online presentations, lectures, and events on any subject. Just as in a real auditorium, the audience are seated in rows and may communicate with each their row mates The emcee and one or more guest speakers are on the stage and the audience can send questions or comments to the emcee, who then relays them to the guest speaker. A transcript feature makes sure that all auditorium events are recorded and can be reviewed at any later date.

"With Mac GUI City, I've created a framework to serve up any type of Macintosh content or discussion-- and allow anyone to do it," stated D. Finnigan, the site's founder.

Soon, there will be more features in place to allow a more powerful form of content publication and management. "One of the upcoming projects I'm working on is Mac GUI City Publishing, which is like Suburbs, but with much more potential," said D. Finnigan. "Having had the firsthand experience of just starting out and also knowing many new web sites, it can be difficult to gain traffic and let your audience know you exist." With Publishing, a shareware author, for example, could be located in the Computer Center building on the Town Square. He could then set up a mini-web site: downloads section for his applications, support area, feedback form, contact details, even an e-mail address, all with the added bonus of Mac GUI City's existing traffic.

Mac GUI was founded in February 2004 as a small Mac OS GUI customization site. The web site has now grown to cover all facets of Apple and Macintosh computing.


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