OfficeDocsPro Debuts Premium Themes for PowerPoint 2008

February 5, 2010 in Multimedia (E)

[] Asheville, NC - Walrus Group LLC, the design firm behind popular Keynote theme site KeynotePro, has now extended their distinct approach to presentation themes into Microsoft's PowerPoint software, launching a new website - OfficeDocsPro - and announcing the immediate availability of five premium themes for PowerPoint 2008.

The five inaugural OfficeDocsPro Themes are built for the newest PowerPoint theme standard - THMX - first introduced in Microsoft Office 2007 and Office:Mac 2008. The new THMX format evolves PowerPoint's classic Design Template metaphor by supporting extended Slide Masters, along with theme-wide settings - such as fonts, colors and effects - that can be changed on-the-fly to create highly customized presentations or documents with only a few clicks.

"The new THMX architecture makes it incredibly easy for presenters to make changes to the 'personality' of a design," said Jim Bradley, Walrus Group's Creative Director. "We've already brought some of our most popular multi-palette themes over to THMX because it absolutely shines at addressing the sort of quick color flexibility that presenters want without requiring a lot of changes or customization: just pick another palette and you're ready to move on."

Two of the themes released this week - OM and Tokyo RPG - illustrate that flexibility by including additional color palettes as part of the theme package. The palette files can be incorporated into PowerPoint's Theme Colors selector and applied to their parent theme - or any of the built-in themes included with PowerPoint - as a quick alternate color choice. The company intends to use its website to provide downloadable "color extras" that will occasionally extend the color options for a particular theme over time, enabling the themes to stay "fresh" without the need for major version revisions.

Each of the themes released this week - MagnetBoard, OM, Palo Alto, PitchBoards and Tokyo RPG - are also available in an HD-optimized "Pro" Edition, which includes alternate versions of the theme files that are built to take advantage of the enhanced resolution and spatial advantages of HD.

The expansion into the PowerPoint template market comes in response to years of requests by customers of the company's Keynote theme site to bring their distinctive take on presentation design to additional platforms. "From day one," Bradley added, "one of the questions we've heard most often from our customers is 'Where can I get something like this for PowerPoint?'"

But it was a request from Microsoft themselves that ultimately engaged the firm in their expansion to PowerPoint, when the software maker's Mac Business Unit (MacBU) approached Walrus Group to design a number of the themes and templates that would ultimately ship with Office:Mac 2008. The firm believes the project gave them a unique insight into designing for the new THMX architecture, providing them with an understanding of the engineering mindset behind the format and how it addresses the needs of the millions of users of Microsoft Office worldwide. "It's been an incredible opportunity," Bradley explained, "not only in terms of being able to lend a voice to the design values of the products themselves, but in coming to understand just how incredibly flexible the THMX format really is and what it's truly capable of."

Minimum Requirements:
OfficeDocsPro Themes require Office 2007 (or higher) on the Windows platform, or Office:Mac 2008 (or higher) on the Mac platform.

Pricing and Availability:
Each OfficeDocsPro Standard Edition Theme is available for immediate download for $24.95 (USD) each or in a Bundle with 2 other Standard Edition themes for $64.95. Pro Edition Themes contains both standard and HD-optimized themes (4:3 standard version, 16:9 and 16:10 optimized HD versions), and are available for $34.95 each, or in a bundle with 2 other Pro Edition themes for $89.85.

OfficeDocsPro offers high quality "Microsoft Office Themes for Professionals" through the OfficeDocsPro website. Backed by years of experience in presentation and application design for some of the world's most respected brands, the OfficeDocsPro team focuses on providing highly engineered themes for Microsoft's THMX architecture that enhance the experience of presentations for both presenter and audience alike. For additional information on OfficeDocsPro please visit their website. Copyright 2010 OfficeDocsPro, a Walrus Group LLC Company. All Rights Reserved. Microsoft, Microsoft Office, Office:Mac and PowerPoint are registered trademarks of Microsoft, Inc. Microsoft, Inc. does not endorse OfficeDocsPro or its products. Apple, Mac, and Keynote are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.