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November 20, 2007 in Software (E)


Camarillo, CA. - November 20, 2007 - Marc Sylvester, CEO and owner of Laughingbird Software announced two new products this month. The Ad Creator version 2.5, and The Web Graphics Creator.

Laughingbird Software is the company that invented the extremely popular Do-It-Yourself logo design software; The Logo Creator. Laughingbird has also announced the release of an updated version of the trendy logo software product.

"The Logo Creator does just what the name implies," Sylvester said in a recent interview from the studios of BorpeanTown Productions, in Orlando Florida. "It allows the small business owner to easily design high quality logos for small businesses, company websites, intranets, school web sites, and a myriad of other markets. The list is endless," he said. "It allows the small business owner to play Davey to the bigger Goliath's that exist in the world."

Sylvester created The Logo Creator in 1998, and almost immediately, it was accepted by companies and individual clients from around the globe. "It's a one of a kind design studio ...without the studio! It can save individuals, companies and small businesses a lot of time and money.," Sylvester added. With the latest updated version of The Logo Creator, consumers will have even more of an opportunity to explore creative avenues to enhance their images.

The first version, Logo Creator v1.2 was launched in July, 2000, and was the first and only logo design software on the market. With a radical jump in technology, a newer version of The Logo Creator (v3.0), was officially introduced in July, 2003. The improvements included a more flexible design interface, greater manipulation of logo elements and imported images, and the ability to update the software via the internet.

The latest version (v5.2) of The Logo Creator includes 80 professionally designed logo "templates" that the end user can manipulate in hundreds of ways. There are smaller "Edition packs" that the user can add: "The Entertainment Edition, The Business Mascot Set, and The Real Estate Edition are just a few."

"There is a lot of competition since we created the original Logo Creator 5 years ago," Sylvester remarked. "But," he added, "imitation is one of the highest compliments. With all of the innovative additions we've recently introduced into the software, buyers of the new and updated version of The Logo Creator can now take their businesses to a higher level of identification."

Two Additional products have also been release by Laughingbird Software:
The Web Graphics Creator creates virtual 'eCovers', page headers and spinning "Flash Animated" eBooks, animated buttons and more for use on a web site.

And, The Ad Creator. This allows the end user to customize pre-designed Flash Animations with no experience of Flash (from Adobe/Macromedia) needed!

For more information, contact Laughingbird Software, (805) 386-1616, or visit the The Logo Creator website.

Laughingbird Software has been in business since 1998. Our flagship product "The Logo Creator" became the number one best selling retail title in the small business category (source: NPD techworld). Laughingbird Software creates software for small business owners. Quick-and-easy-to-use products with professional results on par with a graphic designer.


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