New iPhone Development Blog with Tips and Free Source Code for Newbies

March 12, 2010 in iOS Development (E)

[] Mumbai, India - EDUmobile has officially launched its iPhone Development blog that is an invaluable resource for all newbies who would like to get started with iPhone Development, or who have just started learning iPhone programming. The blog has become very popular already since it went live very recently, and has already registered over 400 subscribers on its list. A free iPhone Development eBook is also given to all subscribers at the time of signing up. There is also a section on the blog where readers can submit their questions and problems and they will get a response within one business day from the tutors. The in-house developers and tutors at EDUmobile have already posted over 60 helpful posts, tips and code snippets. Some of them are -

* Adding a TabBarController as a subview in iPhone
* Search the content of a UITableView in iphone
* Impliment copy paste feature in iPhone application
* How to use Undo on iPhone
* Move multiple object with touch in iPhone
* Impliment changes between two views in iPhone
* Impliment trackable-settable UIControls in iPhone
* Impliment Scrolling in iPhone
* Application Setting in iPhone
* AlternativeViews in iPhone
* Impliment a Custom Accessory View For UITableView in iPhone
* Impliment UIWebView With a Transparent background in iPhone
* Window base application with controls in iPhone
* Ball move up,down, and detect the touch event in iPhone
* IP_Address Check in iPhone
* PageControl Example in iPhone
* Use ActivityIndicator in iPhone
* TextView application in iPhone
* Create View-base application in iPhone
* Retrieve attributes from the file in iPhone
* Compose mail application in iPhone
* Creating Files in the iPhone
* Example of Window-Base Application in iPhone
* Use Camera and photo Library in iPhone
* MoveImage in Iphone
* TabBar Application in Iphone
* Snap Show in Iphone
* Display Message in Iphone
* Display Time in Iphone
* MovingBall application in Iphone
* Web Page Display Application in Iphone
* Temperature Calculation Application in Iphone
* Use NSTimer in Iphone
* Playing Video file in Iphone
* Collision Detection in Iphone
* How to implement touch function in iphone
* How to use Gestures in iphone application
* How to implement Search Bar in Iphone
* How to use Table View Cells in Iphone
* How to define Custom Gestures in Iphone
* How to detect Pinch in Iphone
* How to implement Single Component Picker in Iphone
* How to implement a Multicomponent Picker in Iphone
* How to create simple game with a Custom Picker in Iphone
* How to use Multiview Controller in iphone
* How to detect multiple taps in iphone
* How to use Accelerometer in iphone
* How to create Navigation base application in iphone
* How to use Quartz in iPhone
* How to use plist in iphone
* How to use TableView in iphone
* How to use Picker in iphone

EDUmobile has quickly established itself as the leader in online iPhone Development Training and is currently training over 200 students from all over the globe. The iPhone Blog is an effort to help newbies who cannot afford the full length training course or who would just like their problems taken care of by expert programmers.

EDUmobile is a spin-off independant initiative of Chakra Interactive Pvt Ltd, a company operating in the Wireless Mobile Software Development space for the past 6 years, having worked on wireless projects released by global top tier clients and publishers such as EA Mobile, Hands-on-Mobile, I-Play, Sony Pictures, Disney Mobile and Warner Bros amongst others. EDUmobile provides high quality training in various mobile technologies through Online Video, Interactive one-on-one support, Weekly PDF Manuals and Worksheets and an ongoing Support Forum. Copyright 2009 EDUmobile. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.