DSG Tradewise Releases Trade Manager Pro v1.0 and Trading Your Way

December 10, 2007 in Financial (E)

[prMac.com] Cochrane, Canada - December 10, 2007 - DSG Tradewise is please to announce the release of Trade Manager Pro V1.0 and the e-book Trading Your Way: Develop Your Personal Trading Plan. Traders and investors now have the software and information to develop and execute a personal trading plan built on the elegant Mac OS X operating system.

Now traders and investors can participate in trading securities and manage their trades at a professional level. The "Trade Manager Pro" software will automatically track trades, manage risk, calculate trade size, and track trading performance.

The e-book "Trading Your Way: Develop Your Personal Trading Plan," outlines and provides a framework for developing a personalized trading plan. It can be a starting point for a new trader or provide alternatives for experienced traders looking for a different approach.

The "Trade Manager Pro" software and e-book "Trading Your Way: Develop Your Personal Trading Plan" were designed to be used together to develop a comprehensive trading approach.

The Trade Manager Pro Software:

"Trade Manager Pro" provides trade and portfolio management based on sound, logical trading practices that are outlined and thoroughly explained in the e-book "Trading Your Way: Develop Your Personal Trading Plan." Traders can also test their plan using "Trade Manager Pro" before they put any capital at risk. This enables them to become familiar with how to execute trades, manage money, and preserve trading capital.

Trade Manager Pro is a stand alone Mac OSX application that provides the following functions:
* Keeps track of your individual trades and associated trade data.
* Provides portfolio management for an unlimited amount of trades.
* Tracks portfolio and trade risk tolerances and issues alert messages when tolerances are exceeded.
* Provides an unlimited amount of portfolios which can be named and saved individually.
* Calculates the maximum amount of shares or contracts for each trade based on risk tolerance preferences.
* Calculates exchange rate and margin requirement values.
* Access's chart and other financial information for each security.
* Provides separate Enter Trade, Exit Trade, and Update windows.
* Updates current price quotes from the Internet at preferred time intervals.
* Provides a separate Trade Size Calculator.
* Ability to open designated web pages and applications from the main menu.
* Provides a separate Watch List table for securities of interest.
* Prints trade records.

Trade Manager Pro will manage trade and portfolio risk by utilizing sound money management rules. This can help traders avoid the big losses that plague many traders.

Trading your Way: Develop Your Personal Trading Strategy:

Professional traders generate consistent profits by following a well thought out trading and money management strategy. They also have a special mind-set that gives them the discipline to execute their plan.

"Trading Your Way: Develop Your Personal Trading Plan" provides a framework of essential elements used in developing a personal trading plan. These elements include money management, developing a winning mind-set, and market analysis. This framework can then be applied to a traders personal trading style and risk profile. Having a personalized, structured trading plan will help traders preserve trading capital, stay emotionally detached, and become more profitable.

DSG Tradewise is an educational enterprise committed to providing traders and investors with affordable software, market analysis, trading psychology, and winning trading strategies. Our mission is to provide individuals with the knowledge and tools to become more proficient at trading.


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