Press Release BackityMac - Super simple backup and restore for Mac Feb 21, 2007 in Software Easiest Backup Solution for all your important Files [] Have you ever wanted an easy way to backup the important files in your home directory? Are you tired of sifting through the Library folder to find where your mail, address book, ical calendars are kept? BackityMac gives you an easy way to backup your Apple Mail files, MS Entourage Files, Address Book database, iCal calendars, iPhoto, iTunes, iWeb libraries, Safari, Firefox, Camino bookmarks, documents folder and your entire home folder. Using disk image technology built right into Mac OS X, BackityMac uses disk images to make read-only images of your files. Of course you can restore files as well. Point BackityMac to the image that you created from the backup option, it will examine the image and determine what is on the drive and check the appropriate check boxes. Then all you have to do is click "Restore", BackityMac will automatically restore the files to their original location replacing the old ones. Shareware $10.00. ###