Kenbushi Pro 7.2 Media Center Brings Free Internet TV To Your Livingroom

December 13, 2007 in Software (E)

[] Adelaide, Australia - December 13, 2007 - Lava Software is now shipping Kenbushi Pro v7.2, a powerful media entertainment center with built-in file sharing and data backup. New features in this version include a complete Internet TV system with 180+ channels of high-quality content, simplified DVD and CD cover artwork downloads, a one-click setup wizard, powerful Internet download management tools (such as download quotas), a regularly updated Internet TV program guide, and various enhancements and fixes. It is available as a free download for Windows 2000/XP/Vista and MacOS X (a Linux version is coming soon).

Kenbushi Pro now includes a complete Internet TV system which operates like a Personal Video Recorder (PVR), with gorgeous program cover artwork, detailed program and episode descriptions, automatic downloading of new episodes of subscribed programs, easy downloading of previous episodes of programs, clear marking of new episodes (for easy playback selection), automatic bookmarking of partially viewed programs for easy playback continue, and tools to monitor and control monthly download usage.

Over 180 high-quality free Internet TV programs are currently available, including ABC World News, Delicious TV Vegetarian, EdgeMusic, Gardening Australia, Golf Tips, Inside Martial Arts, MicrobeWorld, Movie Rush, National Geographic, NASACast, ON Warcraft, university lecture series (biology, chemistry, astronomy), Good Game, etc. New programs are added regularly to the program guide, and Kenbushi Pro automatically downloads program guide updates daily. Users can also designate genres of interest to help direct the selection of new programs for the guide.

The full-screen media control system in Kenbushi Pro puts your library of movies, TV shows, music and other media at your fingertips for easy browsing, fast searching and instant playback on your existing TV or home theater system. Detailed DVD and CD media information can be downloaded automatically from, allowing you to browse your movie and music collection by gorgeous cover artwork. This media information also allows you to find any movie on your media entertainment center within seconds by name, actor, genre, play time, MPAA rating, etc.

Kenbushi Pro is recommended for computers with 1GHz or faster processors, and provides excellent playback of standard and high-definition MPEG4 video (the primary video format of Internet TV programs) with the installation of a low-cost video card with composite video output and built-in MPEG4 decoding. In this way, Kenbushi Pro can work with older computers and older TV sets (which only support 640x480 composite video) and allows you to repurpose these devices to build a free Internet TV system which also plays all your movies and music. An inexpensive wireless keyboard can be used for remote control and easy movie title searching.

Kenbushi Pro v7.2 is now free for all users, including government and company users, and can be downloaded immediately from the Lava Software website.

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