Video Portal iPhone App Demos Opens Marketing/Production Arm AppVideos

April 2, 2010 in Services (E)

[] El Segundo, California - Video portal iPhone App Demos announces the launch of their new spinoff, AppVideos, which offers comprehensive marketing and video production services to developers of mobile applications, including the Apple iPhone and iPad. The videos, scripted and produced by AppVideos, are not reviews. Rather, they provide a compelling demonstration of the app in use, by way of a long-form, Apple-inspired commercial format. Custom-made demo videos are available at 3 different price points. In addition, AppVideos offers individualized marketing packages designed to maximize sales through strategic placement of each demo video produced.

With over 150,000 listings in the iTunes App Store, the developer of a new iPhone application faces an estimable challenge in getting his app known and in making sales. Perhaps the single most effective tool for achieving these goals is video, which promises to deliver a view from inside the app faster than screenshots or a review. Furthermore, it is claimed that internet users prefer getting information regarding contemplated purchases through video over any other format. iPhone App Demos is but one of many successful video outlets on the internet featuring reviews and information on mobile device apps. AppVideos was created in response to the proliferation of such videos on the web, to provide app developers with a simple, convenient means of participating in the burgeoning field of video-assisted sales and marketing of apps.

Company Highlights:
* AppVideos provides comprehensive sales, marketing and video production services for mobile application developers
* AppVideos specializes in mobile application demonstration videos
* AppVideos is based on the success of the video portal iPhone App Demos
* The iPhoneAppDemos website receives over 100,000 unique views per month
* Clients may have their video distributed in the ConciseClick Player
* The ConciseClick Player enables the viewer to click-thru the video to the purchase site
* Custom videos are available to mobile app developers at 3 price points
* All scripting, voiceover, and video production are done in-house

AppVideos has integrated a number of innovations into their business model. Videos may be distributed using the ConciseClick Player, which allows the viewer to roll their mouse over a video while it plays to identify any product and click to purchase it. All video production is done in-house, and clients may choose from among AppVideos' online team of voiceover talent. Scripts are written by staff writers working directly with clients. Also available is placement of their video on the iPhone App Demos website, which receives over 100,000 unique viewers each month.

"We've put together a fantastic group of young writers, videographers, editors, voiceover artists and internet marketing specialists to create AppVideos," stated ecommerce, video specialist Nick Alt. "By specializing in demo videos for mobile apps, we can offer our clients professional quality and expert advice, all at reasonable prices."

Pricing and Availability:
AppVideos offers mobile app demo video packages at 3 price points: $599, $1,299 and $2,999 (USD).

Located in El Segundo, California, AppVideos is a professional strategy and production company dedicated to creating and marketing video demonstrations of mobile applications. The spinoff was launched March 17, 2010, following the success of their previous enterprise, iPhone App Demos, a video portal founded in April 2009. Copyright (C) 2009-2010 AppVideos. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.