AutoTTS for iPad adds to 600,000 Text-To-Speech Ringtones created so far

April 5, 2010 in Social Networking (E)

[] Rochester, New York - AutoTTS (Text-To-Speech) for iPad builds on the successful AutoRingtone app and service that No Tie Software has provided since November. In the five months since release, AutoRingtone users have created over 600,000 custom ringtones! That's huge! If those users had paid Apple $1.29 for each ringtone, that would be Three Quarters Of A Million Dollars! That's a bargain, considering AutoRingtone has been available for free or just $0.99 for the PRO version (on sale).

The iPad version leverages the large screen and keyboard of the iPad. While the functionality is similar to the iPhone version, users can simply touch the photo of the speaker they wish to use, making the app even more fun to use. There is a large font, multi-line text entry box that is unobstructed when the iPad's large virtual keyboard is used.

"We anticipate that a solid majority of iPad owners (especially early adopters) will also be iPhone owners," observed Todd Bernhard, founder of No Tie. "So the ability to create iPhone ringtones using the iPad will be beneficial to them. However, the app also generates audio files which can be used as ringtones on many non-Apple phones. And independent of the ringtone capability, it's just darn fun to make your iPad talk in dozens of professional, fun, and silly voices, such as British Man, British Woman, Butler, Devil, Irish Man, Jersey Girl, Lisp, Old Man, Southern Girl, Space Alien and Valley Girl."

Typical Text-to-Speech apps charge per voice or make you pay per month or per instance. But the folks at No Tie are users, too, so they made it Unlimited! Once you own the app (even the free ones), there is nothing more to pay. Create as many ringtones as you want! Which explains why AutoRingtone is on pace to create its one millionth ringtone in about one month!

No Tie offers several variations of their Text-To-Speech apps:

* AutoRingtone: Just type a contact's name and a standard message is created ("_YourName_ your phone is ringing. _CallerName_ is calling. _YourName_, please answer the phone.") so it's quick and easy to create ringtones for all of your contacts. PRO version has 100+ sound effects and dozens of voices, plus speed & volume control!

* Ringtones Uncensored: Type any message, select from 100+ sound effects and dozens of voices! Designed for iPhone and iPod touch, but works on iPad. PRO version has 100+ sound effects and dozens of voices, plus speed and volume control!

* Freedom of SpeechTones: Similar to Ringtones Uncensored but redesigned for iPad's larger screen. Use a full-size keyboard and select from 100+ sound effects and dozens of voices! Offers speed and volume control.

* AutoTTS: Similar to Freedom of SpeechTones but without the intro sound effects. Uses buttons for each speaker so it's easy to select / play with voices. Offers speed and volume control.

* Ringtones EURO works like Ringtones Uncensored but includes Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian and more! Many of those voices are available as Male and Female speakers! Offers speed and volume control.

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later
* 15.6 MB

Pricing and Availability:
AutoTTS HD 1.0 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

Since 2008, No Tie Software has been delivering fun and clever iPhone apps, including bestselling Ringtone and Sound FX apps such as AutoRingtone and 100sounds. Copyright (C) 2008-2010 No Tie Software. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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