FoldUP3D New Ships with Promo-Preview Dimensional Designs in Illustrator

April 3, 2010 in Publishing (F)

[] London, United Kingdom - XChange UK and ThePowerXChange, the sources for extended technology worldwide are pleased to announce the availability of FoldUP!3D New for Adobe(R) Illustrator(R). The product launch is accompanied by a promotion offering users or $75.00 or 50.00 off the regular retail price. After users create 3D data, they usually have to preview it by printing it and cutting it out, but FoldUp!3D New will allow them to eliminate this time-consuming step of creating a physical prototype. FoldUP!3D New is an Adobe Illustrator plug-in that lets users preview dimensional designs in 3D from within Illustrator.

FoldUP!3D New maximises the advantages of plug-in software features. Simply installing this plug-in into Illustrator, allows users to easily see what their work looks like on the 3D preview screen without exporting any data. By simply creating cut lines, fold lines and design layers within Illustrator, users can quickly get a sense of how their design reads in 3D. If the design is not satisfactory, they simply correct it within Illustrator and their changes will be immediately reflected on the 3D screen. This frees users from time-consuming design checking.

FoldUP!3D New uses "OpenGL Technology" which allows for the display of three-dimensional shapes that can be scaled and rotated in 360 degrees. Users don't need to be familiar with CAD technology, nor have any kind of three-dimensional mathematical knowledge.

Free viewer software is provided with the purchase of FoldUP!3D New and was developed to allow clients to see the 3D preview screen in FoldUP!3D New in order to grasp the design. There are 2 types of Viewers available: one is a plug-in type to be used with Illustrator and the other provides a stand-alone option which works independently. FoldUP!3D New enables users to export the 3D preview screen as an image and has the enhanced function of image output which can save the 3D preview images as TIFF, BMP, JPEG and more, with resolutions from 72dpi up to 2400dpi. Therefore, users are able to generate high-quality printed output of the 3D preview.

FoldUP!3D New features a 2D preview function, showing both the front and back sides of the design. With this function, users can review the finished designs for POP, paper containers or other designs by comparing their front and back. FoldUP!3D New creates an illusion of proximity by simulating the paper type or paper thickness at preview. In addition to numeric input of paper thickness, existing paper in A flute and AB flute can be selected to view in the preview.

System requirements:
Macintosh - Mac OS10.3 or higher (supporting Leopard), PowerPC Processor built-in computer
Windows - Windows2000/XP/Vista, Pentium Processor built-in computer or compatible machines Adobe Illustrator versions CS - CS4

FoldUP!3D New is available now through XChange UK and ThePowerXChange worldwide.

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