Mob1serv - Universal web services suite for iPhone and Android apps

April 3, 2010 in Services (F)

[] London, UK - Injoit and YAS, two mobile software companies specializing in iPhone and Android development, have announced a launch of a service called Mob1serv. It is believed to be of demand by growing numbers of mobile developers and publishers as the service takes care of server side of the things. Authors say there are few typical tasks which make mobile developers to put off their native SDKs and spend time on writing server scripts and setting up the databases. Such tasks as storing locations data for Google Maps, queuing Push Notifications, maintaining online high scores table are all now addressed by corresponding modules in Mob1serv. The idea is not novel, there are some popular solutions in the market dealing each with one of the mentioned issues.

"We would not have built this service if there was a suitable solution available." - Taras Filatov, CEO to Injoit, says, - "The problem is that existent solutions either lack functionality or they expose your user to some social networks of theirs interacting with other users and other apps. Our clients don't want that. They just want the app to work and users to have that online high scores table or Google Map seeing other users in it, but not the users of other apps. Users don't need to know what is the web service behind that functionality, it should be native with the app. So mob1serv just does the job, silently. And our modules are powerful, the architecture is well thought of, so as result you can integrate incredible social interfaces, literally anything. The modules are like lego bricks, you can use them in combinations and build something new each time. Our clients are happy with how quick and reliable our solutions are. Now it's time to share the secret with other developers."

Mob1serv is distributed on a freemium model which means the basic functionality is free but it might start charging its users for some advanced functionality in the future. Currently available modules announced at project's website allow to deal with Google Maps data, Push Notifications (both immediate and delayed, making it possible to create instant messenger or events notifications apps), online high scores and OAuth (providing transparent integration with Facebook, Twitter and Google services). Project owners are inviting iPhone and Android developers to visit the website and register to start using the service.

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