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Blue Mango Learning Systems Creates iPad Visual Knowledge Base

McLean, VIRGINIA    Apr 06, 2010 in Productivity


Blue Mango Learning Systems, the creators of ScreenSteps, have launched an iPad visual knowledge base for iPad users. The knowledge base contains visual, step-by-step guides for Keynote, Numbers, Pages, iBooks, Mail and Safari. This new site is a resource that will help iPad users get the most out of their iPad applications. In addition, the iPad knowledge base is an excellent example to iPad developers of how effective visual documentation can be in supporting their customers.


[] McLean, Virginia - Blue Mango Learning Systems today is pleased to announce the launch of their iPad visual knowledge base website. The site contains visual step-by-step guides for using a variety of iPad applications including:

* Keynote
* Numbers
* Pages
* Mail
* Safari
* iBooks

The site has two goals:

1. Help new iPad users get the most out of their software.
2. Give iPad developers an example of what a visual documentation site can look like and how effective it can be in supporting users. The site and tutorials are created entirely using Blue Mango's ScreenSteps Desktop and ScreenSteps Live software.

"Apple has provided great videos and knowledge base articles, but there is a lack of visual step-by-step guides. They have some articles that contain one or two images, but nothing like the type of tutorials that are so easy to create with ScreenSteps," says Greg DeVore, CEO of Blue Mango Learning Systems.

ScreenSteps Desktop allows software developers to easily create visual "how-to" documents. These documents can then be published to a variety of services including Blue Mango's ScreenSteps Live hosted documentation service. By streamlining the process of creating visual step-by-step guides, ScreenSteps can help developers support their users more efficiently and more effectively.

Greg DeVore continues, "ScreenSteps is really about helping your customers get 'unstuck'. Users may know how to do 90% of what they want to, but somewhere in that last 10% they inevitably get stuck in a mud of confusion. A ScreenSteps tutorial is a like a tow truck that comes and pulls them out of the mud and helps them get going again. With the iPad site we have tried to create a variety of tutorials to help users in areas where they might get stuck. We want developers to look at this site and see how they can help their users with similar documentation."

With the iPad visual knowledge base, Blue Mango also wanted to show that these types of tutorials can be created very quickly and with limited resources. The entire iPad documentation site is being created with only one iPad and two authors. Greg continues, "We want to show developers that ScreenSteps supports a workflow where they can be really, really efficient. Creating this type of content doesn't have to take a lot of time. In the first day, with one iPad and ScreenSteps Live we had 20 tutorials posted. We plan to create many more this week."

The Blue Mango iPad visual knowledge base is a free resource for all iPad users.


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Since 2003 Blue Mango Learning Systems has been innovating in the area of media based product documentation. They are currently based out of McLean, VA just outside of Washington, DC. Copyright (C) 2003-2010 Mango Learning Systems. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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