Indie Apps Alliance: The Solution to an Overcrowded App Store

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[] Duluth, Minnesota - The Indie Apps Alliance (IAA) is a newly formed organization that brings together independent iPhone developers from all over the world in an effort to rise above the sea of thousands upon thousands of low quality apps that are polluting the iTunes App Store.

The goal of the IAA and its member developers is to deliver high quality, engaging apps and to support each other through cross-promotion and other collaborative measures. The public will come to trust that any new app from an IAA developer is guaranteed to be a quality title that is worth their consideration.

Since the original launch of the iTunes App Store, and the early success of a few developers, there has been a gold rush of new developers coming to the platform. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these developers are inexperienced and have little idea what is involved in creating a top quality game or application.

As a result, app buyers now have to sift through literally tens of thousands of low quality, and often useless, apps in order to find the high quality ones. According to Piero Toffanin, founder of the IAA, "These apps are the App Store's equivalent of spam email."

The situation for strong indie developers has also been made harder by the recent increase in the number of apps release by major publishers. Many indie developers have apps that are as good as, and in some cases better, than the large publishers, however, the indie developers still face an uphill battle with consumers.

Mr. Toffanin believes that the primary issue is brand awareness. An app buyer who is comparing two similarly priced apps with similar quality is more likely to buy the app from a well-known company or brand than from an upstart indie developer. This is only natural, and the IAA's goal is to encourage exactly this type of consumer advocacy, and to become one of the brands that consumers know and trust.

From the developer's perspective, IAA members can expect to benefit from what Mr. Toffanin describes as "an active and thriving community of independent app developers exchanging ideas, sharing experiences and meeting new people."

One of the first promotional mechanisms that the IAA will provide to its members is the IAA Network component. It is a small, easily integrated software module that iPhone developers can include in their existing apps. The module presents users with a list of IAA Certified apps which they can evaluate and purchase directly on their iPhone or iPod touch device.

Mr. Toffanin comments that "This eliminates the issue of 'spam apps', since every app listed has undergone a thorough quality review prior to being accepted into the IAA program." With the IAA Network, consumers can be confident that every app in the list is top-quality.

While the IAA is still in its early days with only a few apps so far, Mr. Toffanin is highly optimistic about the future. "The Indie Apps Alliance is a new and unique concept in the iPhone scene. I know that there are hundreds of independent developers who have made great apps which have not received the exposure they deserve. By working together and supporting each other, we can be far stronger than we would be apart. Together, we can compete directly with the major app publishers on an equal level."

Registration is open to developers, publishers and app users. Developers and publishers with high quality applications are encouraged to register on the IAA website and submit their applications for review.

The Indie Apps Alliance (IAA) is a non-profit community of independent app developers dedicated to creating and delivering high quality apps, while improving the visibility of all its members in the App Store by cross-promotion and other collaborative measures. Copyright (C) 2010 Indie Apps Alliance. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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