Hide'n'Seek 1.1 - Classic Game plus Modern Technology = Urban Adventure

April 28, 2010 in Entertainment (E)

[prMac.com] Munich, Germany - Announcing that SchoSoft, the developers of Hide'n'Seek, has released the latest version of its interactive game. The application takes a childhood favorite and gives it a modern spin with tracking tools, a timer and even a Solitaire practice session. Good for all ages, Hide'n'Seek offers radar, Google Maps and Bluetooth technology for a fun, feature-loaded experience.

Pretty much everybody played Hide and Seek when they were kids. It's always been a pastime staple and a lot of fun, especially at dusk or when parents weren't around to shoo kids out of the best hiding spots or give away their location. Cavekids probably played it; it's been around that long. Neither the rules nor the love of the game have changed in all that time. Why? Because it was always perfect, just the way it was.

When SchoSoft developers created Hide'n'Seek, they were not out to alter the classic game. Doing so would have been a travesty of sorts, kind of like killing off an old friend. What they did was put a modern twist on it, adding technology and the fresh fun that urban adventures are made of.

Hide'n'Seek is still about one person hiding and up to four others seeking. Thanks to the app's feature rich environment, all players are now able to monitor visual positioning of the other players in the game. The hider can tell if someone is closing in on him and a seeker can check the radar to determine if he's 'hot' or 'cold'. If a seeker gets too close, the hider may change locations to add to the challenge of a successful find by the others.

The Hide'n'Seek's interface displays the time, bearing and game's status. All players can see how much longer they have before the game ends, their location and how long before they need to update their position for the GPS. As with the original game, if the hider is not found before the time is up, he or she wins. If the person hiding is found, the player who discovered them wins. Five minutes before the game ends the screen switches into Google Maps mode to provide one more chance to the players who are searching for the hideout.

Hide'n'Seek has been designed for outdoor use. If a player decides to cheat by ducking into a building, the app will show the last outside location noted by the GPS. That way, if a seeker doesn't have an exact fix, they at least know the area to look in.

Users with a 3GS iPhone have everything necessary for full feature use, including Bluetooth technology. However, once 3G owners purchase a compass, they also have all the tools they need to join in the fun. The app has a built-in access to Google Maps to assist with position monitoring and for finding the hider. Kids can really benefit from the 3G model, learning to use a compass and about directions while they play.

For practice and to give users a 'feel' for the application, developers have included a Solitaire mode. The app simulates a game, assigning a location for the user to track and find. The application is not difficult to use but trying it out makes for a comfortable experience for gaming newbies, once the real game begins.

* Based on the favorite game of everyone who's ever been a kid
* Up to five players can take part in the game
* Uses GPS tracking obtained from unique iPhone identification
* Does not store any personal information other than phone ID for tracking
* Shows location of players via radar
* Incorporates Google Maps
* 3G phones require the addition of a compass, which helps kids learn their directions and about how to use a compass
* Games are timed
* Uses Bluetooth technology
* Has unique Solitaire mode for practice sessions

SchoSoft has blended tradition with technology in this application, holding true to the game while injecting features to liven it up enough for kids and adults, alike. This version of Hide'n'Seek can be played by the whole family. Since the app's tracking only works outdoors, it's healthy fun, regardless of who a user chooses to play with.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone 3G, 3GS
* Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later
* 1.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Hide'n'Seek 1.1 is only $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category. Promo codes are available for qualified reviewers. Please specify the website or blog you represent when making your request.

SchoSoft has been in the iPhone application business from the very beginning. They provide budget priced, quality iPhone software made in Germany. SchoSoft's diversity includes utility software development, as well as entertaining games for iPhone users. Copyright (C) 2010 Mobile-App-Marketing-Makeover & Edward Turner. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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