SnapRocket 1.0.2 for Mac - Navigate your desktop the easy way

May 4, 2010 in Mac OSX (E)

[] Portland, Oregon - Gray Matter Labs today is pleased to announce the release of SnapRocket 1.0.2, the easiest OS X window switcher available to date. SnapRocket is a keyboard based desktop navigator which does not rely on arbitrary window grids or lists. Instead, users can navigate among their open windows using only the cursor keys, quickly switching to any application running on their desktop.

Productivity experts agree that switching between keyboard and mouse is inefficient and time-consuming. So is switching between different UI models, such as changing from a 2D desktop view to a list-view or grid-view. SnapRocket solves both problems by allowing users to switch between open applications with the keyboard right from the desktop.

Users with small monitors will appreciate SnapRocket's ability to select and identify windows that are partially or totally obscured behind other applications. Cluttered desktops are now easily manageable with SnapRocket. Traversing large or multiple monitors is also quickened with SnapRocket. Slow and clumsy mouse movements are replaced with SnapRocket's streamlined navigation.

Key Features:
* Utilizes cursor navigation without shifting away from the desktop
* Displays the application and window name (and/or contents) of covered windows
* Easily customize keyboard options, overlay color, and navigation options
* Improves workflow for any monitor size or configuration

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.5 Leopard or higher
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
* 18.1 MB Hard Drive space

Language Support:
* US English, Japanese and French

Pricing and Availability:
SnapRocket is priced at $19.95 (USD) for a single-user license and $24.95 (USD) for a family license. The fully-functional download includes 150 free uses.

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