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[] New York, NY - In the short time that has elapsed since the launch of the iPad, users report being both intrigued and somewhat frustrated by Apple's new tablet computer technology. As they experiment with the capabilities and functionality of the new gadget, they are also finding some challenges, particularly regarding Wi-Fi issues, crashing apps and digital content questions, this according to Macsupport, the premier provider of remote support for Macintosh computers.

While Macsupport has received service inquiries from iPad users on topics ranging from app questions to best practices for iTunes integration to the tablet's durability, the three most common challenges facing new users of Apple's iPad include:

* Wi-Fi. Users report slow download times for media and dropped signals every five to 10 minutes, as well as low signal strength compared to other Wi-Fi devices.

* Crashing applications. Many applications crash when loaded onto the iPad, and a wide variety of apps are challenged in the loading process.

* Managing Digital Content. Many users - particularly those new to Apple's proprietary technology - are baffled in regards to how to load songs, photos, videos, contacts and books onto the device.

Recent articles support the patterns of challenges that have emerged among Macsupport's iPad clientele. The issues new users have with weak wireless signals, slow surfing speeds and synchronization were detailed in an April Computerworld article, which highlighted consumers' flight to Apple's support forums, wherein one thread - titled "Weak Wi-Fi" - had 542 participants and more than 76,000 views. Additionally, a recent article in The Times of London addressed the heightened incidence of crashing apps on the iPad, while a Wall Street Journal review, dated April 8, 2010, cited confusion over the process of uploading files as one of the most common questions among new iPad users.

In response to these challenges, Macsupport today announced a service solution to help users streamline their transition to the iPad platform. Fusing together more than two decades experience in Mac computer technical support with a keen understanding of the iPad technology, iPad Support represents a quick and affordable solution for users.

"Based on the myriad of service inquiries we have received since the launch of the iPad, we recognize that many users are being confronted with a slew of common challenges," explains Tony Ricciardi, co-founder of Macsupport. "Macsupport's iPad Support service offering is designed to help users overcome these challenges through a combination of phone support and remote access software, offering a timely, convenient means for helping users unlock the iPad's attractive capabilities for Web browsing, checking email and consuming media."

For more information about Macsupport's iPad Support service offering - available at a competitive rate of $39.95 a session - or any of the company's other technical support offerings for Macintosh computers and Apple accessories, visit Macsupport or call (707) YOUR-MAC.

Macsupport is a premier remote technical support center for Macintosh(R) computers. With over two decades of technical support experience, Macsupport fuses friendly, informative telephone support with sophisticated remote control software to assist users with various technical issues in an effort to make the user experience of operating a Mac - alone or in conjunction with other Apple(R) accessories - as seamless as possible. Macsupport is not affiliated with Apple or any of its subsidiaries.


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