Final Cut Pro Templates Releases Drop Zones Vol 2

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[] Portland, Oregon - Final Cut Pro Templates today is pleased to announce the launch of Drop Zones Vol 2. This new pack of Master Templates offers 48 new options for introducing and removing video clips with 3D animation. Because Drop Zones Vol 2 is based on Apple's Master Template architecture, busy editors can use Drop Zones Vol 2 inside Final Cut Pro, saving the time and expense of a visit to a VFX shop.

"It's my goal to provide a palette of expressive animations which editors can combine like building blocks," said Sam Liberto, Creative Director at Final Cut Pro Templates. "Of course, there are times when you need a cool animation to showcase a logo and Drop Zones Vol 2 is great for that. But with a little mixing and matching you can also put together a really unique slide-show from this collection."

Drop Zones Vol 2 is available in a 1080p resolution at 30fps, 25fps, and 24fps. It also comes in NTSC DV and PAL DV options. The Templates work in both Final Cut Pro 6 and Final Cut Pro 7, as well as Motion version 3 and higher. The company website also received a fresh update with a series of tutorials highlighting the new features of Drop Zones Vol 2. One video explains how Drop Zones functionality has improved in this release with the ability to import a tall image without cropping the top and bottom.

Pricing and Availability:
Drop Zones Vol 2 can be downloaded from Final Cut Pro Templates for $120 (USD).

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