Scratch Off Now 1.2 for iPhone OS - Instant Win Sweepstakes App

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[] Mendham, New Jersey - Thought Quarry is pleased to announce Scratch Off Now 1.2, an update to their Instant Win Sweepstakes app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Players can "scratch off" the advertising message on their device to find out if they have won an Instant Win Prize such as an MP3 Gift card or iPhone accessory. Users who submit their email address collect points in both the Grand Prize Sweepstakes for an Xbox360, and the Second Chance Sweepstakes each time they play. There is no purchase necessary, and players can "scratch off" a new Instant Win Sweepstakes every 15 minutes. A powerful marketing tool, Scratch Off Now brings the Instant Win Sweepstakes to the iPhone.

Companies, brands, and marketing partners can leverage the Scratch Off Now platform to reach thousands of customers, raise brand awareness, and increase sales. Customers receive multiple impressions of an advertiser's message as they continue to play during the day. In addition to custom sales and marketing campaigns based on free prizes, Thought Quarry also creates coordinated advertising programs based on free discount coupons.

Feature Highlights:
* One of the first Instant Win Sweepstakes in the App Store
* iPhone owners can "scratch off" every 15 minutes
* Players may qualify for an Instant Win Prize
* Players accumulate point toward the Grand Prize Sweepstakes each time they play
* Advertisers can create campaigns base on discount coupons or free prizes
* Players actually rub the iPhone screen to see if they have won
* Advertising campaigns can be targeted locally, regionally, or nationally

In many ways an advertiser's dream, the smart mobile device provides access to an affluent, targeted audience throughout the day. The Instant Win Sweepstakes provides the ideal entree to that group, and the aural and tactile component of "scratching off" a ticket helps make the Sweepstakes the kind of app users will open whenever they have a free moment.

"There are winners and there are leads. Reveal prizes or coupons in your scratch off promotion," stated CEO Mike Renda. "We help you drive mobile coupon redemption to increase sales."

Device Requirements:
* iPhone or iPod touch
* iPhone OS 3.0 or later
* Application size 1.6 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Scratch Off Now 1.2 is currently available free through the App Store in the Entertainment category. No purchase is required to play, and the player must be a resident of the US. Review copies are available upon request.

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