ProjectWizards Announces Final Release of Merlin 2.5

January 9, 2008 in Project Tracking (E)

[] Melle, Germany - Project management consultants ProjectWizards are pleased to announce the final release of Merlin 2.5, today. The biggest feature of Merlin 2.5 is its multi-user capability. "We recognize that project management is a collaborative effort; now Merlin 2.5 enables project managers to work together to get real-time feedback on their projects," says ProjectWizards' CEO Frank Blome.

"Merlin 2.5 boasts many exciting new features", Blome says. "From the addition of networking capability to the freedom to assign dedicated user- or group-defined access rights to dynamic planning and bi-directional synchronization with iCal, Merlin 2.5 makes project management a collaborative event, as opposed to a single project manager's task."

Merlin 2.5 will be made available for free as a download to all Merlin 2.0 users. Current Merlin users will see an improved overall interface, enhanced Gantt chart information, such as group boundaries and non-working time, more flexible project and resource calendar controls and multiple windows to allow users to view projects from many different angles, including resources and utilization levels. They can download Merlin 2.5 for free from ProjectWizards' Web site.

"We are pleased to offer Merlin 2.5 as a free upgrade to all our Merlin 2.0 customers. We believe very strongly that it will become the premier Macintosh-based project management software on the market today," Blome says.

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